Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Yesterday Pt. 2

So yesterday's visit to baby Willie was good. Good to see Tiff and to see she is doing ok. I worry about her. Will slept the entire time we were there sadly. I saw him with his eyes open maybe two seconds. I didn't care though. I just held him tight and talked to him anyways. He's cute. I mean REALLY cute. He even had on my favorite outfit. The foxes are so dang cute! I of course had to spike his hair, which his momma didn't really love but she knows it's just me.

Walked last night. Felt good even though my legs were sore. Made some dinner. Watched The Biggest Loser. John and I normally don't watch tv but we both got sucked into this show because these people are working so hard to change their lives. It really was cool. Very inspirational.

Going today to lunch with two of my execs. They wanted to take me out for Christmas but schedules never really worked out. We're going someplace nice but I'm not sure where. I also have to figure out a huge mess of an expense report today as well. Sounds like I'm gonna have a swingin time!!!

Looking for a hair cut. Something easy. I've over this bangs I've got to straighten just to look decent, blow drying the sides a certain way (only to have me tuck them behind my ears as soon as I get to work). I just want something easy. I'm also going to do some fun color something. Not sure what yet. Gotta find the cut first. And fast.

That's it for now. More later I'm sure...

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