Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Stuffs

Had a semi extended weekend due to the fact that John messed up his back Thursday at work. Worked from home Friday while we did doctor things and tried to make him comfortable. Thank the lord this wasn't a few weeks ago when I had absolutely no energy to do anything. We both would have been in a world of hurt. We ended up going to the urgent care clinic Saturday to get him some stronger pain meds and some muscle relaxers so he could sleep. He's doing pretty good today. Went to work but is doing a team lead position this week, so basically "light duty" for a bit. Hopefully all will be ok with that.

I went Saturday and hung out with Tiff for a Girls Day Out. We had a great time. Shopping, eating, talking. I broke down and bought some maternity clothes. My jeans still fit me but why be uncomfortable? So I got some cute tops, a pair of jeans and then a long comfy dress. I just need to figure out my work clothes now.

Showing a little...
Sunday we went to the Royals game with John's work. We by chance saw Tiff and Dave while walking through the parking lot and got to see Willie for a few. He's getting so BIG! The game was fine. At least they won. Meeting most of the people John works with was kinda weird. A lot of nice guys though.
Today I didn't want to come back to work. Just loved being home Friday doing things around the house while working on things online. Boy I'm gonna enjoy that maternity leave. Granted, I will have another person added to the equation by then however. Had a dream last night about the baby. I holding "her" out in my arms, just looking at her face. I know it's a dream however because the baby had olive skin and my poor kid is gonna come out with cole black hair and ghost white skin. Not a chance between us of anything else.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Granny!

Today is my Gran's birthday. I'll be kind and keep the number under wraps because I know she would want it that way. She's of course going out of town before anyone can properly celebrate. I plan however to make her this once she comes back into the states:It's a Banana Bourbon Cake and it's right up her alley. I haven't made a cake from scratch in ages and excited to try out a new recipe.
More tomorrow hopefully. Works been brutal lately...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Harry Potter Push Back

Just read that the Nov release date for the 6th installment of HP has been pushed back till July 09. Something to do with summer being a better time to sell movie tickets but honestly people, it's Harry Potter. People who are into the story would drive 100 miles to see the newest movie no matter what time of year. I'm pretty sad about it actually because I'm really looking forward to this movie. It's very dark. The book seemed to drag while I was reading it but thinking back on it, it was actually really good. At that time I didn't see Voldemort for the complex and interesting character he really is. This book explains is all. I also love the journey that Harry and Dumbledore take together to figure out Voldie's plan before something really terrible goes down. Also the relationship between the three main characters really changes in this one. They all really grow up in a major way. It's a new level of depth for everyone, characters and readers a like. It's no secret that this story consumed me while reading it. I could do almost nothing but read these books till I got done and started the next one. I did however put off reading the last one a little bit because I didn't want the story to end. I didn't want the characters to go away. That's what a good book should do.

Today's Friday and I have a ton of things to do at work. I'm hoping to have a relaxing weekend but I also need to do a MAJOR cleaning on my house. So we'll see.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Funny

Totally forgot I took this shot of Yorda the other day while she was sleeping. Sometimes I think she would kill me in my sleep if she had thumbs for things like this. "WTF Mom! Can't I just sleep in peace without you being all up in my face with that stupid camera!!!!"

Funny Thing, This Being Pregnant...

Makes the world an entirely new place. I find myself to be mildly irritated about a lot of things these days. I think "Why am I mad about that? It's stupid." Maybe I'll start a counting system or something. I have to count to 50 before I can get mad about something. Give me time to think it over before reacting. We'll see.

In other news, I can't wait for the weather to cool down (even though the weather her the last week or so has been wonderful. Today isn't supposed to get over high 70's) because I just bought the most exciting thing maybe ever. These:

Mine are darker brown than the pair above but I love the buckles and just the over all cuteness of these boots. I'm planning all manor of maternity outfit around these bad boys. Can't wait to wear them. I even considered wearing them today but thought people might look at me funny.

Also, got a really lovely early birthday gift from Gran. I've been on the hunt for a simple and delicate gold necklace for everyday for ages with no luck. We managed to come across the perfect one over the weekend. Behold:

Pregnancy has made me really not care so much about changing out my earrings and necklaces everyday. I'm pretty happy with the diamond studs from my Gaga and this little beauty everyday. One less thing to think about.

This week has seemed so long and I feel like I've accomplished nothing. At work or at home. I woke up thinking it was Friday but sadly I was wrong. I have however been working out everyday this week at the gym here at work. That's new for me. I haven't been doing anything super crazy but I figure getting some sort of physical activity in each day will help with the up and coming weight gain. I don't necessarily love working out but I do love getting away from my desk for a little over an hour each day AND getting to take a nice cool shower mid day is really pretty refreshing.

More pregnancy lunacy later...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Amy Butler

Is there anyone at all the identifies with my obsessive love/hate relationship with Amy Butler? I love her ideas, her patterns, her color schemes and she's always dreaming up new stuff but dang it, she makes so much great stuff I can't decided! I stand in the fabric store overwhelmed by her greatness and leave empty handed because I'm wrestling with whether to buy the orange or the green version of whatever cuteness she has out now. Seriously! Look at just a taste of the newest collection and you will see what I mean:

In there someplace is my babies bedding, my kitchen curtains, new pillows for my couch and dare I say it, maybe even a funky shower curtain for my bathroom. I'm loaded with ideas and fear of commitment all at the same time! Oh the shame!

And if all that wasn't bad enough, she's now come out with this to torture me even further! I must go get it TONIGHT!

Ok Already!

Apparently my blog is more popular than I thought. I've had tons of people asking why I haven't been posting lately. Well, I'm here. Went on vacation for a week and then life's a little nuts at work right now. I've also been doing things pretty much in this order: Eat, go to work, eat, work, eat, go home, eat, go to bed, repeat. My house is starting to look like a war zone.

Vacation was good. Seeing dad was awesome! Always love having him here. Finally got him home after two ton of issues with the airline. My camera battery was dead for pretty much my entire vacation and so I have no great and wonderful pictures to share with you on that. Here are some random things though for that week:

Awesome Swiss made water bottle I got in CO. Love everything about it.

Crappy picture of one of my favorite new things. Fell in love with the rain shower head thing in CO. Had to get one. This one it's exactly what I wanted but man I do love it!
New jacket/coat pattern for me. Figure I will need something that's big in the belly come winter. Sigh...
Dad painted my front door while he was here. It's a cute celery green color. We painted the shutters dark grey. Looks so much better than the white and burgundy.
Manny cracks me up. He can sleep just about anywhere and look at the size of that gut!!!
More later from me. Maybe later this week but later...