Friday, February 29, 2008

See, It's Not Just A Shoe Blog!

With the week drawing to a close and the weather reports saying it's suppose to be in the 60's here tomorrow, I'm looking forward to the weekend. I've finished all my work for the week by 11am today and now I'm just sitting here not sure what to do with myself.

I took some more photos of the stuff I forgot to take photos of the other day. Not that it's overly exciting stuff but I did want to prove that this wasn't simply a shoe blog.
New shelves right outside the kitchen. I'm not sure I'm good with the stuff and or arrangement of the stuff on them yet but I'll work on that later. These were in our spare room but once we moved in the desk, we decided to move them out in the main part of the house for more storage or really display purposes.
This is my new school teachers desk. It needs to be refinished, which I play to do as soon as it's warm enough. It's the perfect size. The guy at the shop we got it from told us it came from the cat shop at Crown Center. I guess they finally closed and this was there as a display piece for years. Kinda cool knowing the history of your stuff. I can't decide if I want to strip it and refinish it or paint it. Still thinking about it.
Here's the cool quilt previously mentioned. It's older than I am and really cool. It's simple fabrics make me smile. I've been reading about quilting lately and trying to think about if I have the patience for it. I would like to make one though. Someday.
Happy Weekend to All!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

But I Didn't Know I Had A Problem Then

I'm secretly making that really annoying noise that little kids make when they want something their parents won't let them have. Not because anyone in particular won't let me have but because I seriously CAN'T buy anymore shoes. I do do do love these more than well, I don't know what. AND just as a side note, they WOULD match my super spiff handbag.

Really though, that's the most exciting thing going here lately. I was shocked somehow to realize that it's actually Thursday and not Wed. Yay for me!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back to Work Again...

The weekend is over. Sadly. It was really nice though. John and I ran some errands on Friday night and went home early. We're such homebodies these days. Saturday we slept in a little and headed out for a nice relaxed shopping day. I was obsessing over these:
Mine are actually suede but so comfortable. I'm gonna wear the heck out of these this spring. We met with Jon & Lauren about the wedding and for a bite of lunch. Wedding plans are back on track and I'm feeling a lot better about it. John and I then went downtown and walked around some antique shops till around 9pm. We ended up getting a few things. We've been looking for a table and chairs for our house but nothing seemed right. We needed something small but I was against going to get something new for some reason. I wanted something with character and a past. We found a really cool, light grey, fold down table from the 50's. I've also been looking for a desk that we can use as a multi purpose surface in the spare room. I wanted an old wooden teachers desk. We found a perfect one that needs just a touch of redoing. Both at great prices. We also found these:
You can't really tell from the photo but they are Brookpark melamine dishes. Not a full set but still enough to be just the coolest thing. The colors are bright citrus green, burgundy, light grey and forrest green. They are awesome! I love the cream and sugar bowls. Also the salt and pepper shakers. I also love how everything is square. What you don't see in this photo are the real plates. I have six of those too. So we went back to pick up the desk on Sunday morning only to find the chairs we wanted for the table. they are a nice mushroom color. Look cute with the table and are just what I wanted. We're still arranging the house. Trying to figure out how and were we want stuff to go. We also got new blinds for the kitchen and put up some shelving over the weekend. Pretty productive.

Took some photos of myself too. I'm still looking just as dorky as ever but like these photos for some reason.
Me tryin on a totally cute hat at the antique store Saturday. I might just have to have this one.

Me in our bathroom. Love our shower curtain in this photo.

Me with no glasses. I like me with no glasses sometimes. Notice the giant pile of stuff behind me. Sheesh.

Also, finally unpacked the Texas stuff. Ten million of the peanut things in that box. That was part of why I waited so long to unpack it. I just new the cat was going to be in the big middle of all of it. I managed to keep him out though. Here are some of the things I got. For some reason I didn't take a photo of the really cool quilt.

In other great news, my spell check on the blog is working again. Bout time!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

And Now Let Me Direct Your Attention to the Right...

Check my new profile pic. It's one I took of myself just jackin around with some eyeliner but then...I looked HOT! So I love it. Typically I'm not this dramatic nor hot. It may have been a one time fluke.

So we got snow but it wasn't much. Snowed like it was really going to pile up but then no. I hear it's icy out though and from the mini fish tail I did while getting onto the highway this morning, I believe it. Drive home should be interesting.

I'm kinda in the go someplace mood tonight but doubt that I will actually go anywhere given the weather. I'm kinda in the thrift store mood. Or the craft shop mood. Or the book store mood.

Oh! Annoying, Naomi loves clothes and shoes way to much and all she does is talk about them, update. I think I've decided on the second pair. Originally I had ruled them out because of being so open in the back but now I'm thinking I could wear them into summer a little longer them being more of a sandal hybrid. That's my reasoning today. Tomorrow who knows.
Also, I'm thinkin this dress would be super cute for summer. I'm liking both versions but not the goofy bell sleeves on the grey one. And you know I'm all about anything that says "Very Easy" and has to do with sewing. I'm also loving this crazy hat which reminds me of one that Amy Butler has a pattern for. How cute would that be while I'm out working in the yard or reading on the patio this summer?!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Have A Serious Problem...

Ok. I'm not sure why but I love this style shoe. I've been looking everywhere for an affordable version and finally found these today. Why do I like them? No idea. I've wanted to Oxford type for a while but then this open toed oxford hybrid came out and I had a secret crush for a while. Then it grew into full tilt love/lust. I think these would be super cute for work this spring. I can wear them with dresses and colored tights. I also thought they would be really cute with some jeans and a blazer. Now I just have to decide which pair. We'll see.

So it's always weird to read or hear what people think about you or how they think you are preforming. Today my manager sent out my review feedback for me to look over. Wow. It's for some reason sometimes hard to read nice things being said about you and I'm not sure why that it. Once I got done reading it all I could say was "wow."

So all the plans I had last night to cook and clean kinda didn't happen. I ended up watching the two hour Biggest Losers-Couples and then Law and Order. Seriously I'm a sucker for that show. If I just hear that noise at the beginning I'm hooked. Almost never fails. I hope to be more productive tonight but who knows what will really happen.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So today I've managed to do tons of work even though my mind is elsewhere. It always feels nice to get things done at work. Makes me feel grown up and responsible. Not enough to like seriously work my fingers to the bone or anything. I'll save that for tomorrow.

Went home last night and decided I would be a super cool wife and since I was sick on V-day make John some chocolate chip cookies. By some miracle I had all the stuff and a new recipe book. So I made dinner and whipped up some "tasty treats". Well, I'm not sure what I did wrong or how the recipe was jacked up but I ended up with little cow patty looking chocolate chip cookies. Sad. I finally turned down the oven a little and took them out sooner than it called for but they still melted like butter in a frying pan. After cleaning all the dishes up from that and folding some laundry I was ready for bed. Read on my new book for like ten minutes and was out.

Tonight I plan to clean up the living room while Biggest Loser Couples is on and maybe make breakfast stuff for dinner. I'm in the mood for eggs for some reason. I bet you're all envious of my totally exciting life, huh?!

Cool Joyce Quote of the Day:

"Timing and Trust Are Twins"

Timing plays an important part in learning to trust God. If He did everything we asked for immediately, we would never grow and develop. Timing and trust are twins. They work side by side.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring Wishes

So some how I managed to talk my blogger into letting me post some pics today. I had to sweet talk it but here there are. I'm loving these things for spring. Love love love the short sleeved sweater coat and the airplane necklace is cute and funky. I'm thinking alot today about what kinds of pieces I want for the coming season and looking all over for what I want. Having trouble coming up with options I'm willing to pay for. I'm thinking about just trying to whip up a few fun dresses for over tights and maybe try my hand at some knitting of a sweater coat like that one. I doubt seriously I'll make it all the way to the sweater coat but I can dream. I'm liking VERY muted colors lately. Not sure why. I'm not afraif of color but I have trouble setteling on just one. So muted neutrals are my thing lately.

Today is my first day back to work since last Wed. I pretty much slept/laid in bed half of wed and all of thur and fri. Saturday I managed to make it to the couch. Yesterday I knew I had to get it in gear. Got up and we went out for some breakfast (which btw, I'm not really eating a lot lately either because it all make me feel like throwing up) and then to browse B&N for a while. We did some food shopping and headed home for a lovely evening of cleaning. I cleaned till I couldn't stay awake much longer but the house looks great. Today, however I'm very sore and can barely walk. Worth the price though. Oh! I also got a new phone over the weekend. Looks like:

Does way more stuff than I will ever need but it's cute. I wanted it for the full keyboard and the fact that I can get my yahoo email and real internet of it. Killer.
John and I have been planning and talking about house projects for spring/summer. We've got a few things in mind. I'm excited to actually know what I want to do and have John's agreement. It's silly to get excited about things like new blinds and flower boxes but I can't help it. I love making house! You wouldn't know it by the look of our house (minus the fact that it's clean) but that will change. My priorities are shifting. I can feel it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Feeling terrible today. Head, stomach, sinuses and pressure in my ears. I'm working on going home from work early. If the way John has been feeling is any indication, I may be in for a long hall. I'm hoping to cut it off at the pass and rest a ton. We'll see.

We did get the giant texas box in the mail yesterday. I left it in the living room floor unopened lastnight. Drove the cat to the brink of craziness. I finally opened it right before bed, only to realize that it was cram full of those vile peanut things. I didn't have the energy to mess with it at that point. Maybe tonight.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back In Action

So I'm back from Texas. Actually got back Saturday afternoon but I've been laying low since then. Coming back to work was hard yesterday. I so enjoyed not being here or thinking about this place. The weather was wonderful most everyday. It felt so nice to have casual clothes on with no coat, gloves, hat, scarf, boots. We had a really nice time even though we worked like slaves pretty much the entire time. Moving Gaga to her new place was much less painfully and emotional than I thought it would be. The retirement community is just beautiful and truly I wanted to move in before the week was out. They offer so many cool things for those older people and it's truly not all that expensive like I thought it would be either. We got her moved and completly unpacked in three days. Pictures on the walls, china in the cabinet, everything. We got more done in three days at that place than I've done in two years at my house. Amazing. I walked away with a ton of her old beautiful china from Japan, handmade quilts, super jewelry. I will try and take pics of it all tonight. I'm having trouble with my blog being able to load photos or spell check again. So who knows...

Friday, February 01, 2008

Times a Wastin

Hurriedly ticking down the minutes till I get to leave work for an entire week. I've got everything but one thing done and ready. Well at work. I still have to pack and have a lovely weekend with my family first. Did get a photo of my new fabrics last night. So excited to start work on these.

I'm not sure which is my fav because they are all so cute. I'm glad I decided on the different colored buttons. For now though, I'm off to start a great weekend and then a great week. Hopefully I'll come back with some nice stories and some great photos.

BTW, if you notice a ton of misspellings here lately it's because 1. I can't spell to begin with 2. the spell check on this goofy thing isn't working. Sheesh!