Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sometimes You Just Never Know...

So I got back from my Halloween lunch with my friends and I had some emails from my peeps. The only male exec I have (who by the way looks like Quentin Tarantino and is super nice) has decided he likes me enough to pass some of his trusted tasks on to me. It's an honor. So I'm feeling all good about myself and decided to take some initiative to book a meeting space and reserve some time on my main execs cal because she sends out an email saying she wants to have a team meeting but don't ask me to do anything for it. I figure I might as well book the space early as meeting rooms are a premium around this place. So again. I'm feeling good. I've been a good admin. She calls me. I mention casually that I've added the team meeting to her calendar and I start to tell her booked the potential room but she cuts me off. She doesn't understand why I've booked it on her calendar and doesn't think it needs to be there. I saw I'll remove it and start to ask her about the room but she cuts me off again and tells me she's getting another call and needs to go. Sigh...

Happy Halloween, Naomi. Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween

So it's today. Halloween. I wore my red dress that resembles lizard skin because I couldn't think of anything else kinda Halloween like. I wish now that I had a set of horn and a devil tail because it would look really cute.

We finally lit our pumpkins last night since we are going to be out and about tonight. They turned out really good. John's of course is the really good face and mine is the bat with the funny smile.

Tonight we're going to a scary movie and gonna eat popcorn and candy. I think it should be fun. We're thinking we'll see "30 Days of Night". It's a vampire thing and I always love me some good vampires.

So to switch gears BIG time, While I was on my way to work this morning I saw something interesting. I always pass this apartment complex and see the kids standing out waiting for the bus. Every morning I see these kids. So today one of the smallest ones, a boy, looked like he was a runner at the starting line when I turned the corner. So I drove by but he started to "race" me/my car. He of course wasn't going to beat me but didn't care. He threw his head back in laughter as I looked at him in the rear view mirror. He was free. Even for just that second. Immediately God said to me "That's what it means to be childlike. It's not always because foolish but sometimes it means doing something because you love it not because you're scared you won't win or will look funny." Seriously. Kids don't know they can't do everything at that age. They just try and when they don't succeed they laugh because they had fun doing anyway. I think in my own life I need to be more like that. Childlike but not just goofy. Free.
More later...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Since I'm completely un-interesting today, I thought I'd share a fun cake for today. Look at how fun this looks. I bet it makes your belly ache too!!!

Yesterday I left work a bit early to go see Dr. Bob the chiro. He cracked my back but then had a this other gal do deep tissue massage on my shoulder. It's wasn't pretty people. I just about came unglued. This morning/today my arm is so sore I can barely move it. I hope this is over soon because I keep going to people to help me and the pain gets worse.

Got my new boots in the mail yesterday.

Cute aren't they?! They are really comfy and look nice with just about everything I would wear to work. One more thing to mark off my ever shortening fall/winter clothing list. Just a few more things to mark off and I'll be all set. Feels great. Every year I end up freezing myself for about a month till I finally go get the stuff I need. Not this year! I'm actually prepared for once.
Tonight I plan to do a few things at home but mostly rest my shoulder. I might make cupcakes.
I've been looking at recipes for Thanksgiving pies. John has been wanting a pumpkin pie for ages and I've still yet to make one. I found a recipe for a turtle pumpkin pie last night that sounds just wonderful. Crust, pecans, pumpkin pie filling mixed with vanilla pudding, whipped cream, more pecans and a caramel drizzle over the top. Sounds serious huh?!
Not much else going today. Kinda weird.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Something Cool For Today...

Read this on my daily Joyce Meyers calendar thing. Thought it was a neat quote for the day...

"Stay busy delighting yourself in the Lord (seeking your happiness and satisfaction in Him), and let Him give you what He wants you to have. If God has placed the desire in you, you can be assured that He will bring it to birth in the right season."

This was good for me today. We've all been a little stressed here at work over executive moves that are getting ready to take place. Physical moves and reporting changes. So really it changes from one day to the next who you support and where you will sit. Nov 8th is the move date (coming quickly) and I've still yet to hear who I'll get and where I'll be. I'm anxious. I admit it. I see other ladies here work long hard hours with their people and I've been really fortunate to get great people who are pretty self reliant. This is a great reminder to us to just let go of frustrations and let God give you who and what he's going to give you.

You're Never Going to Believe It...

So this weekend we had a great time. Friday we drove out to pick up John's little cute car. We drove it over to the mall where I promptly bought a winter coat so cute AND on sale! We then wondered around with Gran till she found the handbag of her dreams. We then ate mexican food and drank margaritas for her last night in town before the great around the world travel for the last of this year.

Saturday John worked and I hung out around the house. The weather was nice out and the girls and I snuggled in to watch movies. I watched one from Netflix called Stay. It was different but in the end I really felt what the writer of the story was trying to say. Well maybe not but it did promote a emotional response and I believe that's the full purpose of movies anyway. Saturday night we went over to Sharon & the Girls house for some visit time. We had chili and carved pumpkins. Truly fall is here. Oddly enough, I, yes I, stuck my hand in a nasty, smelly pumpkin and I've got a picture to prove it!!! We had a great time with them. I just love hanging out with those girls. Jessica is a hoot and Layne is funny in her own way. I love how they giggle non stop almost about inside jokes and how they can't figure out how to click their heels. Silly girl things but I love it. We had brownies and watched christian music videos on their GIANT flat screen tv. It was cozy and fun. I really like that family.

Since Saturday night was so cold out John thought perhaps we should go on Sunday and get the fall jacket he's been eyeing at Gap. So we drove out to Legends and got that and two books. One is for mom but i started reading it and love it. She'll get it this weekend though. The other I got for me but John started reading it and I'm not sure he'll let me have it now. I am excited about it though. It looks like it's going to be uncomfortable reading. At least that's what all the reviews on the book say. I like to open the book randomly and see if a paragraph grabs me. This one did and so I bought it right away. I'm been looking for something to read seriously since Harry but nothing has held my interest. I casually prayed about it on day and heck if He didn't almost throw a book in my lap.
Also, on Sunday we mowed our lawn. Not the most exciting of tasks but I love to look out over the large back yard right after we've mowed. It looks like a golf course and I love it. I think packed up our laundry and the stuff to make Chicken Noodle soup (at John's request) and we went to Granny's.
The soup was great and we ended up watching a Hero's marathon. We were very behind on episodes. Funny how weeks of tv can slip by without you really noticing. Funny how I don't really miss tv all that much. Some shows but mostly I don't. Also on Sunday I was gifted with a really nice thing. Since Gran found her new crazy expensive handbag, she gave me her old one. I've been scared of this bag for I'm not sure how long. It wasn't cheap and I've never had anything like that in my life. I've been scared to get it dirty or that I would lose it but she gifted it to me. So now I've got to carry it. It's pretty splendid and I must say this morning as I jammed my wallet, keys, camera, some cds and my new book down into it and still had room, it made me smile just a little.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Nighthawk Black Pearl

Meet John's new car. I will get pictures of his with his this weekend. We pick it up tonight. Seriously, the Fit is Go.

So the last few days have been decent. Working on getting all my computer stuff back to normal. Still can't figure out how to get my windows BIG.

Today my entire floor of people moves to another floor and I will be pretty much all alone for a bit of time. Maybe a few weeks but still. It's sad. I like being around people. Having people to talk to. I've missed that since being in this new job. Good thing however is that I might be able to leave early today because there isn't anyone here for me to support.

Got some house stuff done the other day. Doing tiny house projects makes us feel good. Put on the kitchen cabinet hardware. I like it. It's weird having knobs now after not having them for two years.

Just realized this picture is upside down but you get the idea. Simple. That's what we like.

Also, got a wonderful anniversary present from Patti over the last weekend.

Medium size LeCreuset cook pot. I chose the orange because I wanted something completely stand out from all my other things. Plus, it's their original color. You know how I am about vintage-y goodness. It's the perfect size to cook everything in. I've decided I could pretty much live with three pans. I totally don't use the others I have. I can't WAIT to make white chicken chili in this thing. Maybe this weekend.

Went home last night and Yorda had thrown up in the crate. So I was in the midst of cleaning that up when I looked down and her and realized her little muzzle was all swollen. On closer inspection I realized she had big red puffy bumps all over her head. I freaked as any good mother would do and rushed her to the vet (which thank god they were still open and willing to take her without an appointment). She had hives and the doc has no idea why. Neither do I and frankly it stresses me out to no end not knowing what it was that caused it. So after much poking and prodding she got two shots and a little bottle of pills. Got her home and she just itched like crazy. She I wrapped her up in my robe and held her. I looked down at her later and her face was all swollen again but much worse this time. Her eyes, ears, nose, head and back were covered in these big bumps and swollen something terrible. I burst out into tears because I felt so bad for her and she looked so sad. Weirdest thing though, two minutes later the swelling went down. Gone as fast as it came. This morning she is back to normal. Ate fine, looks fine but still acting a little sick. At least she isn't throwing up though. I'm worried it's the cat. I'm worried he's traumatizing her in some way and making this happen. Today I separated them to see what happens.

So ready for the weekend. Feels unreal that it's already here. Weeks in this job seem to fly by and I'm not sure why. I'm not super super busy here but for some reason the days go by faster than they used to. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sadness and No More Water Drinking...

Yesterday the worst possible thing happend. Well not the worst but pretty close. My computer at work crashed and now all my family photos are gone. Anything I've snapped in the last three months is gone. I had such a wonderful picture of John and I from this weekend that I could wait to show you but now it's gone. I seriously almost cried this morning. Also, my music files are completely gone as well. Our back up programs here at work don't bother to back those things up and I didn't know it. I guess I know now not to trust this back up and put everything personal I want to keep someplace else.

Also, I'm going to have to start bringing my own bottled water to work because everyone I know is pregnant. Seriously. Today at lunch two more of my friends admitted they are and I know one more who is trying to get that way. It's crazy! John and I have talked about it (He even had a dream about it) but our house is to small at this point and I'm scared witless of being prego. Being around other women doesn't help that either. They talk about all the crazy things that happen to your body and then once the baby comes out all the crazy things that baby does. Today I got to hear about extreme diarrhea, stool samples and stool softeners. That's just to much poop talk, people! I hear when you have a baby your modesty goes out the window. Not sure I'm looking forward to that either.

In other news, tonight is work on the house night. At least at our house it is. We went to Home Depot last night and got loads of stuff to work on. Little things you need to do but never think of. Re-caulk that bathroom tub, change out the furnace filter, go through your closets for good will items. I'm looking forward to some good old fashion cleaning going on!

Monday, October 22, 2007

135 Today!!!!

No. It's not my 135 birthday, Silly! It's my 135th post on this blog.
So the entire last four days were a blur. We shopped till we dropped, ate till our pants wouldn't button and laughed like school children pretty much non stop for the last week. I made a ton of purchases for fall/winter. Pretty much all needed things. I was in desperate need of some cold weather tops and some warm weather shoes. Here is just a sneak peak:

Best purchase of the weekend for me. So comfy, warm and cozy AND a great deal. I might go get them in black too.

Wore the heck out of this hat this weekend. I have a feeling it's going to be a staple around our house for the next few months. It's super warm and cozy.

This I was gifted but love it so much. I think I've decided I may be moving back to my hippie roots. Just look at this stuff!

Anyway, the four days as I said were a blur but I tried to take some photos for interesting things. We did Parkville one day, Westing one day, Legends in KS one day. So good to see Gaga & Sharon. The weather was nice for us a few days but has now turned off cold again. I can't WAIT to get home and get those fluffy brown boots on. I did buy a pair of black leather boots for work over the weekend and they are KILLING my feet. I'm takin them back tonight. I refuse to pay a lot of shoes and then they are uncomfortable. Won't do it!

So getting back on track this week, hopefully. Got loads of things to do at home and work was a little crazy today after me being gone for two days.

More later. Almost time to go HOME!!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

House Pictures Update

So I finally remembered the camera today and so I have shots of the half done bedroom. I will have more as more gets done. This week things are kinda on hold due to the Texas Tornado's being in town.

So here is the bed. Homemade headboard up, new sheets and my vintage sheet pillow to accent. We're going to get new bed side somethings. We don't really want tables because we just pile stuff on them. We're thinking maybe small cubes hung on the wall. Also, we purchased new wall mounted lamps but those aren't up yet.

New curtains. On clearance and Pier 1. Also, new chair. Not on clearance but from Pier 1 as well. I wanted something small but comfy and airy. This is perfect. John loves to sit in it each morning to put his boots on. Also, we're placed the family cedar chest at the end of the bed. I'm going to strip it and repaint it but I can't decide what color yet.

Last but not least is the organization of my vanity/the top of the dresser. I have this super cool wooden tray that all my stuffs sit nicely piled on. These flowers were just so pretty but alas didn't last very long. Sad.

Leaving work shortly to head over to Gran's house. Tonight some old friends are stopping by for dinner. Should be a great time. Weather is getting cooler here. I thought I was ready but then realized, now that it's arrived, that I'm not. John and I rushed into Target last night and snapped up a few long sleeved shirts a piece and hurried home to get under the three blankets on the bed.

Today I've been blessed with steady work to do all day. Three of my four execs thing I'm the best thing that's happen to them in a long while and the other guy is just nuts. She however is going on sabbatical soon and I'll have a vacation from her for an entire month. I'll be a bit spoiled I think.

What else? I'm looking for a new work handbag/tote. I'm wanting something brown and bigish. I looked at one last night at Target and liked it but decided not to get it because I wasn't totally in LOVE with it. I know at some point there is bound to be shopping in my future this week. I might find something else then.

In other news, Yorda is really really cute.

Monday, October 15, 2007

So I Went A Little Crazy...

Friday night John and I went out and had full intent to see a movie and have some dinner. We did the dinner but ended up skipping the movie and bought lamps for our new bedroom instead. Speaking of new bedroom. I have pics for you but the camera is at home. Dang. Maybe tomorrow. We also went to Borders Books and I admit I went a little crazy. I bought three big, fat, shiny new books for myself. I've been pining over two of them and the third one I just decided I wanted that night.

I got:
-Nate Berkus: House Rules. This is a great book to get you thinking about home design. He asks you important questions that get you thinking about how you want your rooms to function as well as how they will be formed. Lots of glossy fun pics of projects he's worked on previously.

I also got:
-Amy Butler: Midwest Modern. It's a stunning book. Beautiful photos that make you wanna move to the Midwest. Wait. I LIVE in the Midwest. Let's just say this makes the Midwest seem glamorous in a earthy way. Perfect for me. I'm one part earthy, one part glamour and two parts vintage. I can't help but love this book because it combines all my loves together. She and her work truly are a large influence in my life at this time. This book only fuels that ever growing fire.

Last but certainly not least, I got:

-Simple Sewing with a French Twist. It's so so so cool. Some really beautiful photos here as well. Cool, funky projects and great inspiration. It's got some great things I plan on trying to mimic in my own home and closet in the future.

I always find it interesting the pictures that people pick for the front cover of their book. Each of these covers don't do the inside of the book justice and I find that strange. I guess everyone likes different things.

Saturday John worked. I stayed home and did various little projects. I have all these high hopes of tackling some major house work but these dwindled pretty quickly as soon as I slid out of the blankets and realized it was really pretty chilly inside the house. I spent the rest of the the day trying to get the temp inside the house right. I drank hot tea and wore lots of layers. I did funny things that did have anything to do with what I should have been doing. Like I cut out a pair of trousers from a pattern I've been meaning to make, I made choc chip cookies from scratch and so on. I did get the dishes done and moved some things about in the house however.

Sunday we slept in. Went to meet with Gran at a great restaurant for some brunch and talked about an hour about her travels and stuff that's been going on here. Went home and John napped and I read on my books. Then left in the afternoon to help Gran ready the house for the Texas ladies and to do laundry. Which brings me to today.

Monday. My glasses broke first thing out the door this morning but thankfully were easily repaired. Also, thankfully my execs are out of the office today and I've been able to get some things done. Counting the minutes till I can get out of here and change into something warm and see my Gaga.

More tomorrow...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Almost Time to Go!!!

Very near to the end of the day for me. I just got all my important work done for the week. Only two little straggler projects to go on Monday.

This week has just be murderous and I'm so glad it's over. I'm ashamed to say I've consoled myself with chocolate just a few times this week but it always makes thing so much better. Seems like at least. Our huge annual conference for clients here at work kicked off Sunday and then yesterday we had a massive everyone meeting at Kemper. I volunteered to help with both events and man did I have my work cut out for me!

John works tomorrow, so who knows what we will end up doing tonight. Tomorrow I have loads of stuff I want to do. Who knows what I'll actually do though.
Gran comes home tomorrow. She will actually be in the air almost all day and not get in till eight-ish at night. Sunday we'll hit the ground running because we've got the Texas Twin Tornado's (as John calls them) rolling into town on Monday. That's right! Gaga and Sharon will arrive sometime Monday morning and be here until the following Monday. Also, Jerry and Kathy are going to join us in KC. Should be loads of fun. I have this coming Thur and Fri off to hang with them AND I think mom is coming up for a brief portion. Should be a wild and crazy time for all.

Confession time. I broke down today. Broke. Down. I was doing so good on this not buying/shopping thing but then, yesterday my friend Wendy had this catalog at her desk and it had some OH SO CUTE things in it. I do need some new things for work because it's getting chilly and I seem to not have as many sweaters and my mind remembers. So I got these ON SALE:

I plan to wear both of these like crazy because I mean did you see the cuteness? Seriously. I'm toying with the idea of pants making. One of my "projects" for tomorrow. I have the fabric and I love it but I get this fabric cutting freight, if you will. I get right to the brink and then can't cut it because what if I jack it up? Well I've got to get over that. I think the two purchases were actually rather smart and versatile. I do want to go to some thrift shops soon to scope out some old time wool skirts or maybe some great stroke of luck would give me a fitted camel trench coat. But really what are the odds huh? We'll see...

Happy Weekend to All!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

PICTURE DAY!!! Group Two

Got some really cute flowers last night at the store. They are an odd cream yellow pink color.

Someone else got a little something new too. Seriously it's the cutest dang dog outfit I've ever seen. She loves it and the cat is scared to death of it.

Hello. I'm a pretty girl. That's right.

PICTURE DAY!!!! Group One

So today I've got my camera with me and TONS of pictures from the last few days. First we will start with the Ren Fest:

I love this thing every single year and never get a pic. I of course haven't ever put my face into the thing but maybe next year. It's so so pretty.

So I've NEVER understood who they get these guys to dress up in little bright colored vests and dance around like gypsies. Takes all kinds I guess.

Not really much that needs to be said about a group like this. Is there?

Then there's this guy. He kept walking around yelling something about being the King of Vulgaria. I thought perhaps my ear didn't hear him correctly but alas the program guide listed him under the same name. Wow. He had a queen to but really one ghastly multicolored outfit at a time please.

Now the good lookin men! Or man in this case. Took this of John and I think it's the only picture I've ever heard him say he liked of himself. I think it's pretty cute too. Hello desktop background!!!

Now this creature belongs to a friend of John's but she is just hideous. Yikes!

Total Mom moment here. We were getting out of the car at Home Depot and there was this super pretty tree all bloomed out. I HAD to take a snap of it. Made me happy.

Monday, October 08, 2007


So I forgot the dang camera today and therefore can't share with you the pics I got at the Ren Fest. Mind you I didn't take all that many because there are always so many dang people walking in the way. Hopefully tomorrow.

Today I'm getting a lot done and work and leaving a bit early to go and get my chest x ray. Not really looking forward to this. At. All. I know it must be done though. Just in case.

Weekend was nice. Saturday was lovely HOT weather and we sweat like little piggies at the fest. We then drove out to Oak Park Mall where John had decided to get a new watch he'd been eyeing for awhile. It's CUTE!

I of course had to work yesterday. It was totally horrible. I did client registration from 7am-2:30pm with only a five minute break to woof some food and walk back. Once I got still I was asleep for hours following. I felt so dang out of it.

Today I'm all about this new color scheme going in my head. We got some new sheets and I know that's what sparked it. Here are some things I'm crushing on today:

Seriously, It's birds & light blue/brown in one shot. LOVE!

Could possibly be the cutest shower curtain I've ever seen. It's all nature in a cartoon world lookin. CUTE!

Who knew Urban Outfitters would have such a cool chair! Love the shape and the color.

Anyone seeing a pattern here? I love this rug AND I love cherry blossoms.

Love these too. What is it with this nature thing lately? I love it. I can't help who I am people!!!

Friday, October 05, 2007


So today was my doctors appointment for this stupid chest pain thing I've been having for ages. I was nervous but figured they would tell me it was some sort of pulled muscle or something. I walked out with three bottles of pills and a order for a chest x-ray. Big huge Ibuprofen. 800 mils, three times a day. Some kind of muscle relaxers that I'm only suppose to take at night because they will make me sleepy and apparently I have a UTI. I would have thought I would have been aware of that before someone else but I guess not. So I'm suppose to do this chest Xray soon too. Kinda don't know how I feel about it. Maybe just a little numb at this point. I've always been the person who thought things far worse were wrong with me than always ended up being true but this time I went into it thinking it wouldn't be anything and it might be something. Funny how that works. AND that I have this mystery UTI. weird.

Also for a bit of happiness today (Since it is Friday AND we got to wear jeans to work AND it's payday), here are some things I love today:

I normally HATE pink anything and everything but today hating pink seems trivial and stupid. I love the color of this cupcake stand and I love the cupcakes. I think I need one to cheer me up just a little.

I love these boots. I can't decide if their to cowboy for dresses but I love the low heel and the not round but not pointy toe. I think they would be nice with tights and a skirt but I dunno. Either way, I can't buy them because I'm refashioning my wardrobe. Maybe the thrifting gods will smile on me sometime soon and bring me a pretty pair of black boots.

And this place, I want it at my house. Or a house like it that will be mine someday. I love screened in porches. Always have. I want a place to sit, read and just look out into the outside. Someday.

TTFN Kids! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I hope to have the time of my life at the Ren Fest tomorrow. Hopefully funny pics of John will follow.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

14 Days

Only made it 14 days without getting yelled at my an exec. Nice.

So last night I skipped exercise because I was still pretty sore from the torture of Pilates. I will resume tonight though with a walk. I did manage to cook a pretty good dinner and watch a pretty cool movie instead. We watched the movie Eragon. It's kinda Lord of the Rings meets Harry Potter. So you know I was lovin it! I would recommend it to any who loved either set of the previously mentioned movies. It's entertaining but beware, it's the first of what should be three movies. There are currently two books out. The third, apparently from what I read, has yet to be named or released. My impression for them is they are children's book but much like HP can transcend age. I haven't ever pick up a copy however and therefore don't know if the writing is worth a darn or not. But you know, I seem to not be able to shake my Harry-less depression and so maybe these books will bring me out of my funk. Open my world to something new. It's sad though because ever book I read for the rest of my life will be measured against those books of JK's. Maybe someday I'll be lucky enough for her to write something else HP related and the world will be right again for a brief period of time. Ok...enough with the dramatics.

Today on the agenda for work...not a lot. My exec is out treating her team to a day of golf at a nearby course. I'm hoping someone calls with something for me to do. Otherwise it's going to be a long one. I actually got here early so I could leave early because I thought perhaps it would be slow. I may be mistaken. Hopefully.

Last night I proceeded to look through the majority of my sewing books and patterns for new projects to tackle. I think I've settled on a couple that look like something I could definitely use in my closet but won't be majorly over the top time consuming to sew either. I'm looking at this pattern right now because I love the pants, skirt & jacket thing. They look comfy and good for work. Add some soft sweaters and some boot. Done!

Oh and I also like that it say EASY up at the top.

Also, last night before leaving work I attended a meeting about our work halloween party. Every year we do a thing called Trunk or Treat where people decorate their cars and dress up and people from work bring their kids and trunk or treat. It's cute. I did it last year for the first time and it was so much fun. Loads of kids come and then they throw a beer bash for us afterwards. This year I'm with a new group and we're doing Shrek. I get to be Donkey and I'm super excited. Any Donkey costume ideas, pass them my way. I've got a few things in mind but not the entire picture yet. So we're using one of the girls lime green vw bug as our car and gonna make it like Shreks swamp/house. Complete with outhouse. It's gonna be super fun. I'm sure I'll have loads of pics to share.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hot Fuzz & Refashion In The Making

So I've caught the refashion bug yet again. It's such a cool concept to refashion clothing that is one thing and making it something else. It's also cool to think about only trying to buy things second hand for a certain amount of time. This of course excludes things like underwear and swim suits. Since I plan on losing some weight over the next two months, this shouldn't be difficult as I wouldn't have been buy that much in the way of clothing anyway. It does seem appealing though to try and make a few items for myself for the coming season. I've got a few things in mind at this point but am always looking for more inspiration. I went out to the refashion website and looked at all the projects people are working on or have completed. Some people are even nice enough to give you their patterns. I'm also excited about making some home projects (such as a blanket for the couch, possibly curtains and an apron for me to wear while cooking). Since cooler weather is hopefully on the way (I've been praying everyday when I get up it will be in the 60's all day) I will be more apt to be inside and concentrating on things like this. Here are some samplings of inspiration I took from the refashion site. People are crafty, aren't they?!...

Watched a funny movie last night. Called Hot Fuzz. British film starring the same two guys from Shaun of the Dead. A funny zombie movie that John and I both enjoy. Hot Fuzz was good. Not what I expected but really funny and then tense and then funny. These two guys are totally hilarious and make a great on screen team. Maybe not a movie for everyone though. Still funny.
Also, progress report. Three days into the "Get Fit Challenge" and I'm doing good. Last night I did 40 minutes of ungodly terrible Pilates. I swear the smiling blonde woman was trying to kill me! I feel sore today but in a good way. A way that I know something is getting done. Also, I've been great on the food front. Each day I line out what I'm going to eat and pack it all to take to work. Then at night I make a simple meal at home. So far so good. Of course it's only been three days but at least I'm not miserable.
Maybe more later today, as I'm feeling chatty.
Tah for now though!