Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Baby Will Day

Went today do see Will again. He's not grown a ton but he looks different in the face to me. Poor guy was pretty worked up over some bathroom issues while we were there. Strange the things mothers do. He's simply georgous though.

Got my new glasses yesterday. Forgot to take a photo. Will do that tonight. Yesterday I was off work to do a medical test at the hospital. Through a strange turn of events I ended up not doing the test, which gave John and I the entire day to just be together. We had a great time. Went antique shopping, saw a movie, picked out his new glasses, went to a fabric store. It was lovely. I'm going to be making us some fabric wallets for our new money system. Right now it's easier for us to see how much money we have in cash for things like groceries and such. So I picked out some really nice Amy Butler fabric with part of my gift card from Christmas. I got some cute bias tape and big buttons. Now I just have to sit down and sew them up. I know I won't have time before my trip. So afterwards.

Going to start packing tonight. I feel like I won't have time over the weekend. We're doing a fun get together weekend with my mom for her Birthday that was earlier in the month. I got her a nice gift I'm super excited to give her. It's so her. I love when you find a present that reminds you of that person. When you find that just right thing. Anyway, I'm excited to use my new Le Sportsac tote for the first time. It's so big and roomy. I'm trying to decide what would be best to pack in it. I'm going to hopefully not pack a ton of stuff like I normally do. We'll see.

We're supposed to get snow today. All we've seen so far are flurries. I wonder if that's it. The temp outside isn't warm by any means but it's at least above freezing.

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