Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just About to Have a Fit!!!!

So yesterday while blogging I get this update that needs to be downloaded. Seems blogger is now going to be run through google (At some point the entire world will be owned by Google). So I update. This morning I get online to send out a nugget of random stuff to you in cyber world and I can't get to my blog. I can't get the dang thing to let me sign in. I can't find where I'm suppose to DO anything. Sigh... I just took a break and came back later when I wasn't frustrated. Working now. Thankfully.

So back to that random nugget. Reading Joel O's daily message today and something clicked that I've never thought of before. Read below:

God is all-powerful, which means He can do anything that He desires. If He wants to bless you, He will, but that's not necessarily how it works with God. God works on principles and laws, and when you prove yourself faithful with little, He will give you a little more. You can't reap a good harvest without planting your seeds, so don't hold on to them! Just as Jesus illustrated in the parable of Matthew 25, our Master will reward you when you are faithful to Him. Live your life by the principle of faithfulness, and watch God bless you for a job well done.

Now the part in red's what got me. So simple (like most everything with God actually is at it's core. We make it complex. Or should I say Me makes it complex.) yet so profound and glorious. I thought of ways in my life right away where I seem to not be able to handle what I've been given but am frustrated because I want more. I never stopped to think about the fact that it's a trust issue. We as humans are the same way. We trust people with a part of who we are until they "prove" they capable of handling more. I love this idea. It's almost like a game with God. Somehow it makes sense to my mind because it automatically places an order on God's blessings for us. Sometimes it's easy to believe they're random and without thought. Not so. Really cool.

In other news, Emma is unhappy. She comes by this honestly from her mom. She can't help it. She's a lot better with the expression on her ears than I am though. Really now though, How cute is my hair!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

So I sometimes feel upset because it seems like I have no life. Nothing exciting going on but then when we actually go someplace or see people, I don't get pictures. What is wrong with me?
This weekend was good, very fun and pretty cold. Friday I was on the hunt for a few sewing things and talked John is to driving me all over creation to find them. No luck. I have two patterns I want but can't find them in the store because I guess maybe they are from last season. Fashion! I tell ya! Anyway, I guess I'll just order them online. What would I do with out you wireless online internet connection? My world might be cold and black.

Saturday morning we met up with Gran for a fun filled, hit the ground running, side splitting day of shopping for stuff. We did really good though. She got everything she was after and then some. She of course flys out again this saturday for who knows how long to Paris. Anyway, back to the weekend. Sunday we slept in because after trying to keep up with the likes of Patti and another day of things to do, we needed the rest. She picked us up around 1:30 and we headed out to our monthly play at Crown Center. This one was good. Different than others we've seen there but still good. We somehow got suite seats which we thought we be great but they ended up being terrible and we all froze the entire time. Weird. Nicer isn't always better I guess. After the play we went to Crown Center's Milano resturant for a drink while waiting for our dinner spot to open up. It was nice. I of course can't have alcohol of any kind and telling people that is weird. They automatically think I'm pregenant, which to me is creepy for some reason. So I drank cranberry juice with lime. It was worth the trip however because I hear the bartender was great and we did happen to get an eye full of an interesting "man" dressed as a "woman". Love Crown Center. Always see something fun and out of the ordinary life there. Headed over to Lydia's for dinner. I just LOVE that place. We somehow got right in at a great table over looking to city. They have this pasta trio that is served table side from the pan. They change the selection each day of pastas. It also comes with a great salad and dessert. Perfect for us. We all love to try everything. Food was outstanding. Then dessert came. Well the dessert was good but I did something I shouldn't have. I had a cappicino. Didn't even think twice about it. Only really drank half because it was stong and cold by the time I really got to it but drank it non the less. Got home and relaxed and my guts went CRAZY! I ran to the bathroom and it wasn't pretty. So I had the stomach ache. Took my medicine right away but it was just to late. We went to bed later than normal and i figured I would fall right to sleep but no. I was up for all but two hours of last night. Then when I did sleep all I did was dream weird stuff that woke me up. So I'm hoping today flys by because I just wanna sleep for a really long time.

What else...? Oh I started (again) reading The Purpose Driven Life book. I have read it before but it's one of those that you can just read a thousand times and still get something new and really good out of it. The first chapter is about you life not being your own. About how your will, emotions and desires aren't your own and aren't meant to take first place in your life. Only God should fill that roll. It's always a wake up call to read something like that. You start trying to think through areas of your life where you may not be putting God first and how you life would change if He was were he belonged. I came in to work this morning and below is the blurb from John Fischer for today. Funny how God ties things all together:

Under new ownershipby John Fischer
“You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price.” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

What does it mean to not belong to myself? I can think of a few things.

It means that I should probably do a lot of consulting with my new owner. There is more to consider than just me and what I want to do; there is God and what he wants me to do.
If you’re anything like me, this makes sense until you begin to wonder over what he wants you to do in certain circumstances. It isn’t always clear.

For this we have Scripture and gifted members of the fellowship to consult, but in all instances it is the attitude of the heart that is most important. It is a submissive attitude toward God that he is looking for – what the Old Testament calls a broken and contrite heart. It’s being always open and teachable because I realize my new owner has a different way of looking at things than what comes natural for me. In fact, over time I begin to realize what comes natural for me is often my biggest problem.

Instead of “how much can I get away with here,” God is looking for an attitude that says, “Even if I’m not sure, what do I think God would want me to do here.” God is not going to lead astray a humble person who is seeking to do his will.

Our new ownership also means there will be inner conflict. It used to be just me. Now I have me and the Spirit and we may not always be in sync.

In Roman 7, Paul concludes that an inner battle over right and wrong is a good thing because it proves at least that something good is going on. “But if I know that what I am doing is wrong, this shows that I agree that the law is good.” (Romans 7:16) Or in other words, he may have done the wrong thing, but at least he knew it was wrong.

Consider even the Son of God whose joy was always to do the will of his Father in heaven, who in the garden of Gethsemane cried out after sweating blood over it, “Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.” (Luke 22:42)

It used to be easier. It used to be just me left to the whim of my desires. But all that has changed. I am not my own anymore; I have been bought by God at a high price – the blood of Jesus – and he has a plan and a purpose for me as my new owner.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

John Fischer Blurb

"Real faith does not win mass-market appeal. True faith is a challenge of wits. It’s the mover and shaker of the status quo. Faith kicks us out of our safety net and into the world. If nothing’s on the line, then there’s no faith required. That’s dangerous, but all the more exhilarating when God shows up and shows himself to be true to his promises."

Sometimes Good Intentions Pave the Way to...

Doing the dishes and yoga while watching a movie. So my intent was to make cupcakes for John. I was excited about it and once he left the house I got my cook book out and was ready to start. Then however, I realized that I didn't have enough eggs. So I thought about going to get some but then I found a recipe for a fruit crisp that look wonderful and I knew John would love. I wanted to to be warm and smelling good when he arrived home from school so I put it off. I did an array of other things. Dishes, picked up the house, made my first crafty project in a while (see photo), did yoga while watching Chocolat and THEN decided to get to work on the crisp. So I got into it. Flour, baking powder, salt...oats. Wait. Where are the oats? I thought I had oats. So needless to say I didn't get to make the crips either. By this time it was to late to run to the store because John would have been home and wondering where I was. Dang! Maybe this weekend.
So this weekend we plan to start a house reno project. Cutting up the laundry room floor and leveling it out. I'm going to paint our new night stands. They're miss matched but so functional. I think they will look better with a coat of paint. I haven't decided on the color yet though. Maybe black, maybe grey. Also going to go pick up a jacket pattern I had my eye on saturday but didn't get. John found some extremly pretty houndstooth light weight wool. I think I might make the first jacket out of this. I know I'll use it again because it's a wicked cute pattern. Would be great in a linen. I'm thinking of making some linen suits for work this summer. Not sure yet though.
In other news, today is tuesday. I wore one of my new short sleeved drape sweaters today and I have to say it's just right. So soft and cozy but not to hot for the office. It's a really pretty burgandy color and just my favorite at this second. We all know I'm fickle though. Oh so fickle.
So some of the other blogs do this thing where they show, periodically mind you, corners of their home. Just little places they feel are special or cozy. I thought perhaps we'd start that tradition here. Since most you of don't come to my home on a regular basis, it might be fun.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Things That I Heart...

-Warm Winter Days (We're talking 50 and up)
-When the dogs let us sleep in on the weekends (Sleeping in being 7:30)
-Breakfast at Starbucks with my Honey (Killer Orange Cranberry Muffins)
-Fabric for killer tweed pants on SALE

-Two Cute shirts on sale for under $15 (for both!)
-Giant Cheeseburgers from Red Robin w. bacon
-Man vs Wild on Discovery Channel (Bear is just the coolest!)
-Luna Bars, Naked Juice & Crystal Light Travel Packs (All working together to make me a healthier me)
-Coming to work on Monday and only having 10 emails in my inbox

So this pretty much sums our my weekend. I left out a few parts (like the giant headache I had all day yesterday and that John wasn't feeling well either) but nothing life threatening. It was pretty relaxing. The weather yesterday was great and only supposed to get better. I'm more than excited. I've sworn to move to Texas or the likes if this weather doesn't get better! So far I'm out voted. Tonight I'm going to get some things around the house done but more importantly I'm going to try and bake something sweet for my sweet because tonight is his last math class (for three weeks at least). He'll have a ton of pressure lifted off his very strong shoulders once that's all done. I'm thinking cupcakes because who doesn't love a good cupcake? Pictures to follow. Today seems to be flying by with less stress the longer it goes. I'm looking forward to being at home and baking tonight. I'm also going to figure out the new pattern I got Saturday. It's this really cute dress pattern and I bought some so cute grey stretch fabric to make it out of. I'm ready to get back into the swing of sewing. It's so relaxing in a pull all your hair out sort of way. Pictures of the dress to follow as well. Warm weather to all (except Gran who is currently in sunny FL without me, shopping. I hope they get a blizzard!)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Minor Irritations of Women Everywhere

So from the title you might have guessed, I'm irritated once again. What is it with the clothing companies? I've got four inches of snow on my front lawn and they're trying to sell me flips flops and bermuda shorts. WHAT?!? I understand that they have to get us ready for summer but don't you think you should wait a little closer to, umm...summer? I'm just as ready as the next gal for sleeveless and sandals but sheesh! To Be Continued...

So last night Gran and I are out shopping for her some warm weather clothes for her trip to Florida coming this weekend and it's just down right colder than crap outside. We did however have a great time and ended up stopping in to Ghengis Khan for some fabulous mongolian food. Here's what I had.
I love how you always have so many dishes on your table that you don't know where to turn next. It feels so extravagant. Anyway, the food is always good, it's sorta healthy and they have awesome hot tea. Now I know what you're thinking, "You aren't suppose to be having tea little missy!" well...thanks to my mom we figured out that some herbal teas (peppermint, jasmine, green tea) don't have caffeine and therefore I should be able to drink them. So what if I'm working the system. I'll take what I can get!

Anyway, back to the story. We shopped in the cold to no avail. She got nothing. Not even a pair of shoes. Talk about sad. So we're heading back out tonight to hopefully stumble apon some really cute something, someplace.

The weekend looks to be "fun". John and I are going to cut out and repour the floor in the laundry room. Heaven will be smiling down on my washer and dryer as they will now be able to sit completely flat on the completely flat floor. I wish you could hear the angels singing right now. I've also heard talk of doing something for valentines. Not sure what but something. More details to come I'm sure. We also are suppose to experience something of a heat wave come tomorrow morning. Seems we may top out at 40ish. Everyone is actually excited about it. It's very sad when you get excited about 40. Twenty one days till we fly out to Nashville. It's going to be a great time. I'm feeling excited and nervous. Lots of people I haven't met before and I'm also suppose to be sewing trousers for the trip that I haven't gotten around to. Fabric shopping this weekend while John is tearing the house to pieces. I WILL have trousers!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In Other News...

It's Valentine's Day! I nearly forgot due to the fact that John and I are doing our valetine whatever this weekend. He's planning, I'm not privy to the details.
So I hope everyone is having a great one so far. I know I am. I've received a Batman valentine card from my friends little boy (who by the way is just the cutest ever) and I've seen a few old friends that haven't been around for a bit. So far pretty satisfying.
So with that, I'm out for the day, unless something just simply unbelievable happends (never know!). I love each of you dearly and hope your Heart Day is going splendid.


Here's to Stomach Aches, Doctor's Offices and No More Chips and Salsa...

So my life is officially over. Well it seems as such right now. I'm sure in the very near future I will come to be fine with the news I received yesterday but at this second, I'm peeved.

So I've had this stomach ache (as we all know. Not the one I've had most of my life but a new one. One that's lasted going on week two now) and figured it was just fluish gross that is going around. Alas, I pine for the flu. I lust after the flu. Why? Because it goes away and I don't have to deal with it again till, well the next time I get it. Somehow the doctor believes (and far be it from me to say he doesn't know what he's talking about) that I have something called Gastritis. Something borderline to an ulcer due to food not stress. He's put me on a once a day medication that is suppose to block acid but then there's the kicker, I have to give up a bunch of stuff. No caffeine, no liquor, no choc, no tomato based things, no spicy stuff, no fried anything, no garlic, not a lot of cheese. I think the only things that are really bothering me at this point is the no hot tea (which I have each morning for breakfast), no chips and salsa and no chocolate. I mean what am I'm going to do with out periodic chocolate? So I've been looking around this morning online about foods I can have and recipes for meals that follow the guide lines. So far I think I can handle it. Lots of grilled meats, steamed veggies and fresh fruits. Pretty much what I know I should have been eating all along. Now I just have to eat them. It's going to be a hard road folks. Sometimes you just get the need for chicken nuggets or ice cream. I am trying to look at it in a different way though. Trying to look at it as blessing that now I have a medical reason not to eat junk stuff. I guess in a way it makes it easier to talk myself out of things and it makes me be more creative with meals. I'm sure a much healthier me will come out of this. Help keep me strong people, I'm going to need you!!!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

“God, please don’t send me to Africa”
by John Fischer

What do you love to do? Chances are that love can be tapped into as service for the Lord. This kind of thinking may seem obvious, but it is radical at least to my Christian upbringing.

I grew up with a kind of warped Christianity that taught that if I was passionate about something, it was probably wrong. God was the great killjoy in the sky. Virtue was painful. The good usually felt bad. The bad (we were told) felt good. Denying yourself meant never doing anything you really wanted to do. Conversely, if you hated doing something, that was most likely what God was calling you to do. “God, please don’t send me to Africa” was a prayer you’d better not pray, because that was the first place he would probably send you if you prayed that prayer. As you might imagine, this kind of thinking turned out a generation of very dull, boring Christians who were always suspicious of having fun. Where do you think the Church Lady on Saturday Night Live came from, anyway?

Actually, God is one who delights in giving us our heart’s desire. In fact, he’s the one who gave us our desires in the first place, and he gave them to us not to frustrate us but to help us be useful and fulfilled in our service for him.

Think of what you know about King David in the Old Testament. Now here’s a guy who obviously loved music, poetry, women, and war. So he became a warrior/king and all his passions, in their proper places and under the Spirit’s control, drove him to be not only a great king, but a man after God’s own heart. God didn’t give him all these passions and then tell him to spend his life being a scribe in a cave somewhere. (He saved that for me!)

As a child, I had a passion for music. I would spend hours doodling on the piano, and when I got my first guitar, it became the goal of my life to make the same sounds I heard in my favorite songs. When, as a young adult, God put the idea in my head to use all these passions and skills to write and perform music about his Gospel and his truth, I thought I wasn’t hearing correctly at first. That couldn’t be serving God; that would be too much fun! It took an adjustment of my understanding of God and his ways to really believe God was in this. Now I know that this is the way he works. If he wants us to do something, he’ll put a desire in our heart to do it.

God is not in the frustrating business; he is in the fulfilling, joy-filled business. So if you are desirous of serving God, think first about what you can do and what you love to do. Serving God will be along those lines.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So last Friday I got the pleasure of attending a Cerner event for the entire day. What a wonderful way to spend a Friday. A group of about 20 of us (four of these people being pretty good friends of mine) were shuttled around all day to all the hotels Cerner partners with. We toured to the rooms and basic were treated like queens for the day. It was a marvelous time that was made even special by the drawing I won single handedly at the only 4 diamond hotel in the KC area. They gave away a one night stay in an executive suite w/ a limo ride to the hotel and back. I was in shock. I'm truly so excited. Also got another treat, we eat lunch at Skies restaurant on the top of the Hyatt. Now I've been there once before (for another Cerner event) but it was just as cool this time as last. It's so cozy and yet modern in there. It's just the perfect place to have a great lunch on a sunny day with friends. Even more enjoyable because it was free. Here's just a small taste of the view. It was just simply lovely. So my day ended holding a box of special made pastries from Andres, a new stainless steel coffee mug, a night stay complete with limo ride to a great hotel and tired feet. What could be more perfect? Perhaps if they would have given us pedicures or something but I was just so enchanted as it was by the day. Why ruin it huh?!
So by Friday night I knew trying to top my day was pretty much not going to happen and it was cold. I'm talking well digger in a flash freezer box with no clothes on in Alaska cold. So we staying in all weekend and did not much. Watched movies and moved furniture. Not eventful but fun. We finally got the chance to watch the remake of The Stepford Wives. It was pretty fun. I of course haven't seen the original but I liked this version. Christopher Walken and his weirdness makes pretty much every movie better. I made a big pot of bean and bacon soup and I was in heaven. Monday set in a little to early. Work just wasn't something my sleeping pattern had in mind. I made it though. Lastnight John and I cleaned like devils because tonight his friend from way backy times is coming in from TX to visit. We're only really a spot on his journey but it's going to be great to see him. He's really only on of two friends who seem to still give a crap John. I'm so excited to see him but more excited that he's made an effort to visit. Should be a great time.
In other big and exciting news, Gran flys in tomorrow night. Talked to her yesterday and she said it's warmer in Germany than it is in KC. Sick and Wrong.
Ohhhhh and on Saturday night we're having a Valentine Cocktail party at her house. It's gonna be fab! Lots of folks and lots of food. I'll try and remember to take photos.