Thursday, November 29, 2007

Today Christmas Hit Me...

So I've been looking around on the web today, while taking a little break from typing up the most long drawn out contract book index, to read my blogs and it happend. Christmas hit me! I haven't been much in the spirit (despite my daily renditions of "It's the Holiday Season" & "Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas"). Even though we've put up our tree and put out our lights, I just wasn't into it yet. Today though while reading blogs I came across some projects that make me wanna deck the halls all over again! Check these out:

Cool ornament project

Can't be Christmas without some super wicked desserts. This book has inspired me to get my whisk and baking pans out soon.

Mini Christmas tree village in the works. I love how you could use any kind of paper and create a million of these little guys.

Things that I Decided, Just Now...

So I've been thinking just now of some things that make me smile. You know what I've decided, before I have a baby (which by the way I'm more in favor of doing than ever before in my life and it freaks me out a little but also makes me feel proud because being a mom is such an honor and a lot of people take that for granted) I want to take a photography class. I'm so inspired by these gals who take vast amounts of photos of their lives, kids, husbands, shoes, etc. That's me. I love photos. Photos of everything. I want to learn what these people know and be able to take stunning pics of everyday stuff. I want to know all this before I have a baby, so that when he (cross your fingers) comes along I can have a million a six shots of his little face, toes, nose and funny little smile. I want to capture my life in the blink of a shutter. I know NOTHING about photography. Like I know I will need a really great camera and that there are a ton of things you can do with lighting etc but I don't know ANYTHING about any of it. Wonder if that is a problem. =)

Also, I decided just now that I really like my hair. It's so different for me and it's good to get compliments on my hair again. It feels nice. Plus, (mega plus here people) I can actually see out from underneath my bangs!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Removal of Post

If by chance you read my rant about certain things earlier today then lucky you. You were able to get in on a little of my venting/complaining for the day. If you didn't, don't despair, it was a lot of the same old stuff I always talk about. I removed it however because it made me nervous to have it out there. It made me nervous to know my manager could just get out on my blog and read it (and let me tell you I've be warned that they do search for our blogs and they've found mine before). So I took it off. Not to worry though, I have plenty of other fun filled things to talk about today.

First, I got my hair cut. It's cute and everyone likes it. Even John. He says I look like Amelie. That makes me happy. Bangs are still new for me but overall I think I like it.

Secondly, I found this really cool ice hotel in Canada that look amazing. I guess they rebuild it every year using 15,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice. Here are some photos:

I love this place!!! It's just so magical and fantasy like.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Misc Holiday Break Pics

So I don't really have a lot to talk about. I basically slept through a good portion of the Thanksgiving break and our dinner wasn't all that tasty. We did have a fun time with Gary's family and mom though. We also managed to get our Christmas lights up on the house and I did some cooking.

Our house with lights.

After two hours of crying onion eyes, simmering sauce and burning my hands on hot pasta noodles, here is the lasagna I made. It ended up making us both sick to our stomachs and now I have a ton of it I've no idea what to do with. Lovely.

Vanilla/Pumpkin pie w. pecans and caramel sauce. It turned out pretty good even though I jacked up the recipe. That's what happens when you cook while being sick.

John in his new "outfit". With the carpet ripped up the house is a ton colder. Didn't think of that when I decided to rip it out on a whim. So we're both freezing all the time now. His flannel ensemble complete with corduroy house slippers is a must have for the season. He's barely taken it off since we got it home from Target. Here's his best Sears catalog pose.

Here are the boys post lasagna feast. Just tuckered out. I love how he's holding Sirius's tail. Cute boys.

Tonight we go for hair cuts. Nothing major for me. Just a trim of the bangs and back part. John however is going back to clean cut John for a while. I think I just heard the angels start to sing...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I have a sickness

Well besides the terrible cold/sinus thing that I currently have swimming around in my body. Ikea fabric. I covet this stuff. Every night before I go to bed I pray that God will bring an Ikea to MO and that I will be able to rent a giant Uhaul trailer to go and check it out. Here are a few of my current favs. I can just see the curtains, couch pillows and skirts I would make.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Third Post of Z Day...

Ok. This may be a new record for me. Three posts in one day. None the less I couldn't leave today without sharing with you the cute cute cute baby things I saw online today. It hadn't really dawned on me till today for some reason that I could make cute things for a little one. I'm not sure why. I think I've just always been so freaked about the pregnancy that I couldn't get past that to think about the other fun and wonderful things about motherhood. So here are some really really cute baby clothing project ideas for today.

Five Things...

So I know I've just posted but I skipped on over to a blog I sometimes read where crafty people like to gather and leave little notes and project ideas. Anyway, people were talking about five things that make them happy today and I couldn't resist a little five things action on my own blog. So here goes...

1. Finally see the amazingly cute tree I walk by each day when coming into work that has such cute yellow heart shaped leaves. It made me smile.

2. Chocolate chip cookies in my lunch box.

3. It's Nov 20th and yet it's almost 70 outside.

4. Being able to look straight out a giant wall of windows all day onto the world doing it's thing.

5. The paint color in my NEW laundry room. It makes me smile. It changes so much with the light in the room and almost becomes a new color with every passing minute.

6. Eating lunch at 10:30am because I can.

I know that's six but I was having a good time. Making a list like this is good for the soul. It helps you focus on the good little things in you life and makes the bad bigger things seem less big. Even if it is just for a few minutes.
So I've been un-naturally quiet this week. I've had things to say but no energy to say them. See this shoulder AND this pesky cold/sinus thing is just taking my down for the count. I seriously caught myself sitting at my desk yesterday just staring out the window. I didn't even realize it. I'm just kinda out of it.

I have been reading my blogs faithfully though and thankfully those people haven't stopped writing. One of my very favorite blogs is by a girl named Curious Bird, aka, Leya Williams. She and her new husband live in PA with two really cute cats. She inspires me. She is a wonderful photographer and makes simple everyday stuff seem so pretty. It's made me start to notice things in my life a different way. Thinking about how I live my life and the things I want to do with all the time I have left. She makes being a tomboy at heart seem acceptable. She makes cooking a new recipe for the first time special. She makes me wish I had a friend like her. I have great friends, don't get me wrong. I love them all in their own special ways. They all have cool things about them that I love but I sometimes secretly wish for a crafty friend. A friend who inspires me to be better. To cook instead of going out. To sew a new dress instead of buying an over priced version. I think what I like about Leya so much is that she inspires life to be what it should be. Simple. Expensive things are over rated. The glamorous life isn't all it's cracked up to be. I like simple. I like plain. And you know what, there's nothing wrong with that. I would love to show you some of her photos but alas, flickr isn't my friend. Here is the link however to her pages. Enjoy...

In the curious bird spirit, I went out and bought a pair of grey converse tennis shoes this week. Nothing makes me smile like these shoes. I love heels. I love wedges but these babies can't be beat. At the end of the day i can't wait to put them on with just about anything. I'm also trying to work up the courage to press on with my closet makeover. Something about having clothes crammed in there really tight makes me feel secure. Like I'm going to have something to wear when I get up in the morning. My hear yearns for simple though. A closet I can easily navigate with just what I need and nothing extra. I've somehow made this my life's pursuit. I get book after book that gives me list after list of exactly what I need. I read these lists over and over like a security blanket in hand but then never put them into practice. Maybe this four day holiday break is just what I need. We'll see.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Quick note to tell everyone I have pictures to share but left my camera at home. Monday perhaps.

I'm also at my new desk today for the first full day. So far so good. There is so much light from the windows and my desk is really really nice. Also, you could hear a pin drop. The best part, the printer is directly behind my cube. Love it! I'm still nervous as there are a ton of people who could potentially try and make my life hell but I've got to work on that one day at a time. Found it interesting that today's devo from my joyce calendar was titled "conquer fear". Funny how that works.

Also, quick shoulder update. I will be going in next week for an MRI & MRA. Tuesday & Wed. The pain is getting worse and it's making it hard to drive, write or do pretty much anything without it hurting. I'm ready to just get the surgery over.

I am excited that next week is a short week AND that I get to eat turkey. Only 8 more hours till I get to go home.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Well I haven't blogged in days. I've been busy BUT I've also been productive. I've talked to pretty much everyone who reads this blog on the phone today, so I'm not going to go into super detail about my shoulder, or my cube move, or the cuteness of my puppies. I will however share with you a few photos I've managed over the last few days.

Sirius has this new thing. When we open the front door to go outside he rushes up and jumps on top. I caught him in the act...
Isn't he a handsome boy?! I love how his hair is almost silver on the ends. And those eyes!

Next is a pic from a clothing magazine I covet every single thing they sell. It's a UK brand but they are nice enough to sell to us filthy Americans. I'd been looking at this hat/scarf combo loving the texture and color for a while. I'm not really a purple person normally but when I spied with my little eye a dead ringer at Target last night, I had to get it. I was looking for a new set anyways...

Now here is my version:

You can't really tell from the photo but it's more of a magenta/purple. I really love the set and plan to wear the pants of them with my new winter coat. I wanted something BRIGHT!

Also, target lured me with it's siren song of savings yet again in the cosmetics department last night. I've been wanting to get a toiletries bag for my desk at work. Something I can put extra do, a toothbrush, body spray and headache medicine in. I find I always need these things but never have them when I'm here. So I bit the bullet and bought this totally cute and SUPER functional bag. Three compartments that actually velcro in and out. I got EVERYTHING I could possibly need in this thing. I could give medical aid to a small third world country out of it and give them all makeovers at the same time. It feels good to be prepared. That is so my dad coming out in me...

Seriously. THREE velcro compartments. Seriously now.

Friday, November 09, 2007


So we all know my love for Bear Grylls. I mean seriously the guy can do just about anything and will if you watch the show long enough. Here is a blurb from USA Today about his upcoming season...

Adventure survivalist Bear Grylls kicks off the second season of Discovery's Man Vs. Wild tonight (9 ET/PT) by sleeping in a camel's carcass in the Sahara, where daytime temperatures reach 130 degrees. He uses the animal's head as a pillow.
Then at 10, in the second part of the special season opener, Grylls breaks a world record flying a motorized paraglider 30,000 feet above Mount Everest, where it's 60 below zero and a mistake means death.

Holy Crap.

Today We're Five!!!

It's our 5th wedding anniversary today! Yay for us. All I'm really sure about tonight is that I'm going to eat a very large piece of cheesecake. That's all I know. Well and that right now, while I'm at work, needing to be working, I can't focus and don't want to be working. I somehow keep finding things to do that have nothing to do with the actual work I have sitting on my desk. I keep staring off into space not really thinking about anything. It's like my mind won't work. Weird. It's 12:17 however. 3 hours and 45 minutes till I can go home. Home and Cheesecake. I am excited to spend the evening with John actually out doing something. Just the two of us.

In other news I'm wearing my new grass green corduroy jacket today. It's cozy, soft and warm. It was such a good buy this past weekend at the thrift shop. Like $4 or something. It's got great sleeves that fit just right. I love it. Can you tell? I will need to get some more jackets too. On my new floor I'm moving to they like the admins to wear jackets, plus I think it's kinda cold up there anyway. So maybe I can find some cute ones on sale some place. I seem to only have a few since I haven't had to wear them in ages.

S0 with nothing else really that interesting to say and loads of work left to do before I leave.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I'm Late, I'm Late, For A Very Important Date...

Well not really late but I feel like I've been on non stop rush over drive mach turbo speed the last few days. I've been packing, cleaning and labeling cubes at work pretty much non stop. I packed up my main exec yesterday and she had 45 boxes. I've NO idea where all that will be going in her new office, seeing that it's a third of the size she has now. Sigh...

I did however want to share with you some pics from the weekend and quickly mention that I've fallen deeply in love with Taco Bueno. Mexican fast food that ACTUALLY tastes good and doesn't make my stomach sick. Unlike Taco Bell.

Anyway, on to the pictures...
My girls looking so cute on the way down to mom's house.
Sadly the only picture I took of mom's lovely new rock walk way. They've done a great job on it. I of course liked the sun.

Fall colors are out and totally fab!

Rode the ranger over to see the sheep. They are so cute!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Now That's Excitement!

Seriously. Besides talking to mom on the phone a billion times and drinking the biggest, yummiest root beer in the world down, I've done nothing today. Almost nothing.

The excitement begins with this photo though. My purse is such a bloody mess I can't take it anymore.

Happy Weekend!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

In Other News

My stomach feels funny today. Not good. I've not been hungry but forced myself to eat anyway but I'm not sure that was a good idea. Sigh...

Also today is long.

I've been thinking about fall more today. About what I wanna do while trapped in the house for months. I've complied a short list of things that sounds fun:

1.Make White Chicken Chili
2.Learn to Quilt
3.Make Our House Cozy
4.Start Painting Again
5.Make a Norwegian Apple Cake

Those things seem fun today. Who knows about tomorrow. I will admit I'm relatively fickle from day to day about what I wanna make, do, read, see. I am sure about one thing today though, my belly feels puckie.

So we went to see this 30 Days of Night movie last night. I was excited because it's a vampire movie AND Josh Hartnett which I came to like from that movie he was in with Bruce Willis and Lucy Lu. Hm. Can't remember the name. Anyway, so the movie was decent. Loads of holes in the story but meant for pure vampire entertainment not historical correctness. (Jeez I sound like my dad!) The end was odd. I expected something different than I got but what I got was ok. I guess. John and I had more fun talking about all the things they didn't do right or should have done, than actually watching the movie. The vampires looked cool though. That always helps me.


Autumn is finally here. Something about it getting cold makes me wanna clean the house and decorate. Maybe it's because I know I'm about to be trapped in there for months that does it. I dunno. I started looking around this morning at cute decoration stuff that would be easy and reflect our style all the same. I've found a house I love online that I'm using for inspiration. I found a table I want that is affordable and will look great in our small place. I also found the about print. Simple but so cute. I love it for the kitchen. I think I'm going to reproduce it for our place. Maybe put it above the fridge. I'm also ready to rip up the carpet and put down tile in the living room. I know what I want there too. Just going out and getting it. I guess mostly just doing it. We've got to get the laundry room battle over with first and foremost however. We're a frogs hair away too. I can feel victory on the horizon! Bookshelves. That's what we really need. Bookshelves. More later I'm sure...