Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Since When? Huh?!

Since when did I become a person who has such a hard time deciding on things? I know at times in my life I've struggled with that but I feel like I've grown in that area considerably. I mean at my job I have to make decisions for my execs all the time. It's nerve racking but I do it fine. But lord, try and get me to pick out fabric for a project or even a project for that matter!!! I have a $75 gift card to the coolest fabric store I know of right now. I can't decide what project I want to do and so I get overwhelmed by all the cuteness and have to leave. My husband doesn't understand this. Frankly I don't understand it either. I've been wanting to make a quilt for sometime. I've been eyeing a ton of these Amy Butler projects and John got me the coolest project cards for Christmas but for the ever living love of my I can't pick! Then once I pick I'll sit and look at the fabric for ages because "OMG! What if I screw it up!!!" I was always like this with my new school supplies. I hated using them because they were so perfect and new. I'm still like that today. When I get a new notebook, I leave it empty. Does that make me neurotic? Sigh...

BTW, if you haven't already guessed, I'm completely obsessed with Amy Butler. This woman makes the most amazing stuff and I'm so inspired by her work. I don't even like printed stuff and Amy stretches my boundaries in that area with every new pattern she creates. She's a witch-y woman, she is.

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