Monday, February 23, 2009

One Week Ago...

One week ago today, I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl ever. Amazing to me she's a week old already. Things have been much different than I expected. Honestly, I expected the worst, so maybe that's why I'm having so much fun. That and the fact that H really is a good baby. I enjoy being a mom MUCH more than I thought I would. I know there will be times when I'm tired and frustrated and so on but so far, I'm in total obsessive love with this little girl.

Here's a little photo montage of our first day without help (Just John, Me and Baby H):
1. J & H kickin back together resting.
2. My feet have returned!
3. H G-Dawgin for the day.
4. Night light shopping at Target
5. H's first trip to Target. She slept the entire time.
6. My first Venti Black Shaken Iced Tea in months. Lord it was good.
7. The giant pack of reading material, magazines and just stuff they send home with you from the hospital. I'm going to start on that tomorrow. Hopefully.
8. New shoes that actually fit me. I've gone up an entire size. These are really comfy and very mommy on the go.
9. My cup and one of many rounds of pills I'm taking each day per doctors orders.
10. Gave myself my first manicure and pedicure in months. Feels really nice to be able to reach my toes again.
Hazel is really a funny girl. She's very into her hands being near her face and can't sleep without them touching her face in some fashion. She smiles when she passes gas and loves to snuggle with her daddy. More fun later...

Friday, February 20, 2009


Hazel Verna Martin.
Born 2/16/09 @ 5:32pm

She's lovely. More pics and words soon. Life with a new baby is kinda crazy right now.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Shoe Showcase and Things I'm Looking Forward To...

Forgot yesterday to showcase H's already rapidly growing shoe collection. I'm gaga over all four pairs. I can't wait till her little feet come out so I can put these things on her. Even if it is just for a picture or two.

Today is day number two at home, waiting for H to come. I really hope she doesn't decide to come today or tomorrow. Somehow that seems mean, not that I'm not dying to meet her and kiss her little nose BUT I also don't like the idea of a Friday the 13th baby OR a Valentine's baby. I think she's pretty snug in there though and I won't have to worry about it.

I've been thinking about all the things I'm selfishly looking forward to once H comes around. Here is a mini list:

-Wearing real pants again, even if they aren't the same size as I used to wear.
-Being able to bend over to see the back of the fridge or get clothes out of the dryer.
-No more swollen ankles or feet.
-Meeting my little girl for the first time and holding her little hand.
-An extra large Black Shaken Iced Tea from Starbucks, A HUGE White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks and a icy Mojito from I don't care where.
-Being able to focus eight entire weeks on my family.
-New spring clothes to fit my new mommy lifestyle.
-All the fun photos I'm gonna take of this child.
-Seeing her smile for the first time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

News and Cuteness

So went to the doc on Tuesday and much to my surprise he's put me on bed rest AND wants to induce me on Tuesday the 17th. Maybe it was because I cried when he asked how I was doing. Maybe it was the insane looking rash that's covering my body making me itch like I'm a crazy person. Who knows, all I know is that I'm hope today for the first full day, resting in bed. Seems I'm glad I only have to do this for a few days because I would have been nuts if he had put me on bed rest a month ago or something. I'm not good at resting. For sure right now when I feel like there is so much to be done and so much I want to do. I know, I know. Rest while you can, you won't have time later to rest. Sleep while you're able. Yeah, yeah. I can only sleep so much. I keep laying here thinking about how this is the last five days of my life before I'm a mom forever. Not in a bad way, just in a "WOW" sort of way. We're pretty prepared at this point. Mostly. Room is all but done, hospital bags are waiting by the door, etc. Emotionally, we are all holding up pretty well too. Sometimes it hits us both and we kinda have a mini panic attack. I kept thinking it would be better to know when she is coming and now that I know, I kinda liked it the other way around. I'm happy though. Happy to know she could come at anytime but will definitely come no later than Tuesday. I was dilated to a 2 when I say him Tuesday. So progress. Hopefully because my body is already making it's way toward labor induction won't be as bad. I've heard it's a lot worse than if your body goes in naturally but the doc says it shouldn't be any worse because we aren't starting from ground zero. We'll see. I'm scared to death to have this baby. Really only because I have always been scared of three things since I was a child (getting my drivers license, getting my wisdom teeth taken out and having a baby). I've managed two of the three up till now.

In other cute news, here are some shots from H's mostly done room:

Top: Her crib of course with the super cute quilt mom made. Next: The super awesome mobile mom and I made last weekend. Next: H's fuzzy white lamp and wall color. I love the wall color. Well and the lamp. Next: Some books I purchased awhile ago for H. Also, the dog toy used to be mine when I was younger. Thank God mom keeps everything. Next: Hazel pillow mom made to match the quilt and H's Fox Jitter Pal, in which I am obsessed.

More room photos once the curtains get hung and pictures got on the walls. I don't have my rocking chair yet either but that's coming soon enough.

More later...

Monday, February 09, 2009

This Guy

Let's just talk about this guy for a minute. This Guy who has put up with endless whining, crying and sighing over the last few months. This Guy who has seemingly endless amounts of patience with my blubbering over really really stupid stuff and gets me whatever I want, most of the time without question. Thank God for Him. Thank God for his long suffering patience. Without him I would be reduced to a bloated, itchy, crying mess in the middle of my bed. He's wonderful and I can't thank Him enough for everything he's done for me and little H, whom hopefully will be making her first appearance really really REALLY soon.

We're 14 days out now. We've got the room almost done. Our hospital bags almost packed. I've (or we really) have been dealing with another strange pregnancy thing. PUPP. Can't remember what that stands for but basically it's a pregnancy rash 1 in every 150 pregnant women get. My entire body pretty much is covered in what looks like 400 billion tiny bug bites which itch like you've never even heard of. Also, apparently not much can be done about it till H comes out. I won't lie, this has made this already frustrating part of pregnancy just that much more frustrating. I've been reduced to a crying mess more than once over the last few days. Today however, on the phone with the OB Nurse I begged for some sort of help. Some sort of relief. They FINALLY prescribed some sort of anti itch cream in which John, God love Him, is out at Walgreens getting right now. Other than the crying, the itching and the hugeness...things are pretty ok. I'm ready to meet my little girl. We're both ready I think.

Also, the weather is really nice the last few days. Temps in the 60's but I guess a storm is coming. Rain I can deal with though. I just hope we don't get anymore snow.