Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Today (Well Yesterday Really), Pt 1

So it's 9:44am. I've already been through a venti white chocolate mocha and my eyes are still baggy. Hm. I'm going today to see baby willie. I'll have pictures hopefully. He's so dang cute.

Last night I got home and walked/jogged on my treadmill for about an hour. Felt good and tough at the same time. I felt like jello when I got off that thing. I cooked dinner. Gnocchi w meat sauce. It was killer good. John said they looked like tiny brains. Yum. My plan was to be a cleaning goddess but that didn't happen. I did sweep though. One point for me. I then decided to take a bath. I realized while in the bath that I haven't taken a bath in a very long time. I don't remember ever taking a really sit in the tub bath since our first apartment. Something may be wrong with me. It was nice. I yelled over the very loud video game in the living room "Baby! Could you get me my camera?!" He yells back "Why do you need your camera in the bath?" Sigh... "To take a picture" He says "You're in the bath, naked. What are you going to take a picture of?" Ok. At some point he's going to understand that when the desire to take a picture comes on, well you don't mess with that. You just give in a snap away till you get the shot you love. Here's what I got after much confusion. "Here let me help you turn off the flash" & "Ok I'll just hold my finger over the light while you take the shot. Are you ready?" All this while I'm submerged in scalding hot water. I had to giggle a little. I like the red tint. Makes it kinda creepy in a way. Cool.

Also today I wanted to showcase some of my hubby's art. He's so good at this. I can't even imagine. I can draw a tiny bit but he's got such a great sense of shading that I have never been able to figure out.

Love the self portrait. It's the second one, in case you hadn't guessed. Yes, his hair USED to look like that.

More later once I've gone to see Willie...

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Kate (Cathy) Johnson said...

GO JOHN!!! Nice work! And I understand your photo totally, it IS cool!