Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just Another Rainy Day

STILL RAINING. So tired of it already. Although I do have an incredibly cute umbrella that I love to use, I'm still tired of the rain.

Today I'm thinking about babies a lot. Had a really good discussion with a friend about his baby that was positive but then had another conversation with someone else that wasn't. Everyone has their own opinion of babies and how they change your life. Yes, they absolutely change your life and I'm sure that sometimes it's REALLY hard but I can't imagine when you look down at that little face that you can regret what they are. Maybe that's just me. Maybe that's because I don't have one yet. Who knows.

The rain has forced me to search the Internet for summery things to make me feel nice. Last night I made a very summery meal. Really good lemon chicken (So easy you can't believe it), salad and peas. A little glass of wine and we were set. Only thing missing was our out door patio set. All in good time though. Also, today I've been seeking out summer crafting projects. A few things have caught my eye and given me some inspiration. Here is my serenity for today:

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another Day in Paradise

So it's at least Wed AND I got to sleep in. Two great things for today. I've actually found a few things to keep myself from going crazy over the last few hours but a few more hours to go. Haven't had my afternoon snack yet however. That's always worth looking forward too. Trying to be REALLY healthy and so I brought vanilla yo & strawberries. When what I really want is a extra tall snickers blizzard from DQ. So now you see the restraint I'm showing here people. Really.

Last night was good. I can't get used to John's new work schedule. It's weird. Last week he worked normal hours. This week he's working 10-7 each week day and then 7-4 on Saturday. Then next week something else. Will take some time for me to get used to that. Fell asleep on the couch once I got home yesterday till John called me at 7pm. I so had ever intention of "getting things gone" but didn't happen. Tonight I'm determined. I won't even let myself sit down because I MIGHT fall asleep or worse, start reading something. I must say I'm making great progress on my Harry Potter book. I should be more than finished with it before the last and final installment comes out mid July. I keep getting the date for the movie and the book confused however. So who knows. I'm also proud to announce that I'm going to get the Wii Harry Potter game and play the heck out if it. The wand action will be really cool with the Wii remote. Sorry. Geeked out on you there for a sec. This is how things happen at our house. I love my very cute but incredibly geeky husband.

So planning what we'll do on the fourth. At this second we have no plans nor invitations to do anything. Sometimes that's a really good thing however. We have a few things in mind but haven't made up our mind for sure. I'm just excited to have a day during the week off.

Ok. Random picture of the day time. Took this from the website I mentioned the other day. Just love this. My love for tree photos and paintings lately, coupled with my love of birds AND green make this a favorite of mine. Enjoy...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Well I just completed the season finale of Lost. I know I'm a bit late. Life's been busy. It's weird. Season Finales. Somehow they always disappoint. I can't possible imagine how they are going to continue the story. I know they will because there are some many other things to come but really, it was just weird. Of course can't wait to see what they will have next for the still loyal fans. I hear there aren't that many anymore because of the strangeness of the show but I know are still a few. Something to look forward to. Hopefully.

What else today? Spending time trying to figure out summer activities. Wanting to do so many new things over the following three months that I'm not sure there's enough time. Excited about the possibilities though.

Today is John's first full on the job (training) day. I haven't heard much from him, so I have no update on how it's going. I'm excited to hear though.

Tonight should be pretty low key. Go home at four, get the mail, let the dogs out. Clean, make dinner, relax. Wanna line out some crafting projects for the summer. I wanna make some really cool things for gifts this year but also just to say that I did. I've got this amazing amazon list of books that I want to read and as previously mentioned, multiple destinations I would like to visit. YAY for US!!!

I'll leave you with a random photo that I love. I like that you don't see her face and I love that she got this great bag, dress, shoes and umbrella out in the middle of nowhere. I can see myself in this shot.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend Fun and Pretty Lady Wonderland...

So it's Monday BUT the morning had been incredibly fast so far. I'm for sure happy about the fact that I'm moments away from eating something tasty and hot. For some reason I'm craving hot food lately. Today is three cheese ravioli left overs. Wish i had a tiny salad to go with to complete the meal but alas, only an apple. I'm also in the grilling mood. Yesterday, as you know, was the family BBQ. Went great. Had a splendid time out in the yard just chatting about life and laughing about dogs, kids and life in general. I personally didn't take any pictures but mom did and I will share with you what I get, when i get them. I'm sure we got some good ones. We grilled out massive amounts of meat and had all the fixings. Really though I just loved sitting around talking. Something about being outside (even if it's hot) just chatting with friends is nice. Also, extremely nice to have mom in town over the weekend. We had a great time shopping for cute shirts and planting flowers to make our house look like someone actually lives there. Sunday church was awesome and we had such a great time. So many many babies there. I'm not sure if maybe I just never noticed them before but it seems EVERYONE is pregnant or has a small child in tow. Weird how you notice those kinds of things just all the sudden. So not ready for a kid yet but if one came along we wouldn't be heart broken at least. Spent a lot of time this weekend talking about updates we wanna make to the house. Figuring out if it's possible to maybe have a third bedroom built on and raise the value of the house. Right now I just wanna get the laundry room project finished and the ability to wash clothes in my own home back. Makes me nuts. Soon though.
Watched a movie last night to end the weekend. Called The Family Stones. It was weird. I'm so over movies lately. Out of the ten I've seen in the past two months, only one has been really good. What is up with movies being sad and turning out all weird in the end. What is up with movies looking like they will be funny in the previews and then you watch it and it's depressing.

Wanted to share a cool website I found this morning. This is more a Mom & Kate thing but Boys, feel free to take a look. This gal is coming out with an embroidery book I want to get and then I realized she has an entire site with paintings and such for sale. It's really cute stuff...

Also, take a look at the two cutest gals in the world. This is pretty much what they did this weekend.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Welcome to Miami

So I'm back. Technically I've been back from Miami for a week today but I really don't feel like I'm all caught up from being gone. Since I've been home it's been pretty much non stop stuff to do or me sleeping. Hopefully someday I'll feel rested again. Got a new phone right before leaving for MIA and it's picture quality isn't as good as my old phone. Kinda weird considering it's a way cooler looking phone. Just goes to show ya, looks aren't everything.
So work this week has been good. Flown by really. Woke up and couldn't believe it is Thursday already. Glad it is but still. This weekend should prove to be nice and hopefully relaxing. Dick and Stephanie are coming in to town sometime Sunday. We're suppose to have a family BBQ at somebodies house. Will be nice to see them. It's been a few years. Hopefully mom will come up as well. Always nice to spend some time with family.

Getting nervous. Scheduled my dental appointment to get my wisdom teeth taken out. All four hopefully at once. Get the pain and suffering over with at one time. I go in on July 12th. I've actually dreaded having this procedure done since I was a small child. I'm not really sure how I knew it was bad news but I wasn't interested. I've feared it ever since. Three things really: getting my drivers license, getting my wisdom teeth pulled and having a baby. Strange huh? But if you know me at all you know that kinda weirdness comes with he territory.

Below are some shots I did get from Miami. The weather was so hot and there were so many dang people!!!!

View from our balcony

Me & My Best Bud Alison

Friday, June 01, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction

So last night John and I finally got to see Stranger Than Fiction. We've been wanting to see it but kept forgetting about it. Being a Will Ferrel movie we knew it would be funny but didn't know really what to expect. It blew us away. It was funny but mostly it was just really good. John may hate me for telling this but we both cried at the end. It was just really cool and really good.

The premise of the story is about Harold Crick (Will Ferrel) who's life is being narrated by a voice. He starts seeking out this voice and finds his life in the process. It's a different sort of movie. Not a normal Will Ferrel movie but John and I both agree, his best. I highly recommend it.

This Years Love...

So I really don't have much exciting news today. Just more rain. Leaving later for mom's house, which I've very excited about. Excited to see Mom & Gary but also very excited to see my baby dogs. They've been away for two weeks. Actually a little more. It's been just torture. I'm hoping to leave work early and get out of town before traffic gets bad. Since it's summer though weekend traffic really starts Thursday night toward the lake, so either way it'll be slow going. Speaking of, the day is just creeping along as slow as possible. I've got all my work done that I can right now. Just waiting on classes to end. Typical Friday.

John just called. He's rushing out to Kansas for another interview. If I've failed to update my blog and you're out of the loop on this job situation, don't feel bad because we don't ever really know what's going on either. The original place has yet to send him on a job site. He calls them each day and they promise him work but it's been about three weeks now and still nothing. A friend called him about Ford. They're needed temp help and John could really use to temp money till this plumbing thing gets going. That's turned out to be a big long process too. They may still call though. So yesterday he applied for about 50 jobs doing various things. So today's interview is a result of that. We'll see.

I also thought, since I don't have much news, that I'd do a "I'm in love with..." list today. Seems like the thing to do. Something fun for Friday.

Stuff I Love Today:

-Brown Dishes_I've NO idea where my all of the sudden love for brown stuff has come from. Clothes, house stuff, paint. Weird. I'm needing some new dishes because my current set are five years old and I'm missing pieces due to slippery dish hands and such. I'm totally loving these.

-My new watch_Now it might be bragging or shameful but OMG I love me new watch. I bought it while on vacation and it was on the greatest sale ever. I've always wanted something Michael Kors. He's a great designer that I really admire and I really love his stuff. It's exactly what I wanted and I just feel so blessed that I found it. It was a birthday present from Heaven! =) Take a peek...

-Flickr_I have to say I'm totally in love with Flickr. com. It's just so cool. I have a page there but it's really nothing exciting. I tend to forget I've got it because I'm always so busy looking at others photo's. My favorite thing to do while I'm bored here at work is go there and do the seven day random picture album. You never know what you'll see but most of the time it's some really beautiful photography.

-Orange Berks_ Don't have these yet but I'm savin my money. I'm not sure where my love for these came from. Maybe my fantasy of moving to the middle of nowhere and being a quasi-hippie. I know I'm not full fledged hippie material but man I could so live in an rv with no tv and grow veggies in the my own garden. It's of course pure fantasy and will never happen because well I'm married to a person who's the complete opposite. Maybe that's why we work together. Who knows.

-Jones Berry Lemonade Soda_K. Just found this stuff. I mean I've known about it for a while but was never brave enough to try it. I'm not sure of a soda drinker normally and then when you get into strange flavors it could be questionable. But let me tell you this folks, this is GREAT stuff. It's fruit but not overwhelming. It's refreshing and just perfect for summer. I've not tried the other three canned flavors. Jones of course has massive amounts of other flavors and most of them are bottled. I also love that the photo's on the fronts of the bottles, boxes and what not are all submitted by really people. Just random stuff. Kinda like Flickr to go. The website is cool too. Check it here:

-Jeremy Riddle_This cd is so stinkin good. I love every song. His voice is just SO great but he's also got a great depth to his music. These are songs you find yourself singing long after you've left the car. It's awesome worship music but it also really good stuff to help you just feel close to God. Feel Him with you. It's so fab. Maybe my favorite thing on this list.

-Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince_So I promised I wouldn't read it till right before the last one came out but I just couldn't help it. So I'm not that far in but far enough that I'm hooked, again. This one seems like it's going to be super exciting and I'm excited to read more. I've got Gran reading the series now. She's enjoying it so far. She's only on the second book but she reads so fast she'll be done soon. Oh! and today I heard someplace that someone is planning a Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, FL. Suppose to open in 2009. OMG!!!! So going!

Happy Weekend All