Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Cut and Other Stuff

So got my hair cut last night. Feels good for it to be easy. Short. Shorter than I wanted but in a week it will be perfect. That's how it always is. Here is the before and after. Today I'm full of thoughts. I've been thinking about my Grandma Ann. Thinking about how I miss her and how special she was to me. I remember her as always telling sarcastic jokes or making up funny names for things. She always made me laugh. I remember he hair and how it had a shiny glow from all the hair spray. I remember how she wore stretch strap pants and made her own earrings. She collected miniature tea sets and porcelain dolls. She made the best tea. Always a fresh pitcher on the kitchen counter. I loved that house. It was all so magical because I was young. I remember her smoking those long skinny Eve cigarettes. It's what killed her. She drove a white truck with those multi colored woven mats on the seats. She had a mass hoard of wiener dogs that would run out and bark their heads off when you would pull up to the house. There were many barns full of old stuff. I loved to explore them. I remember she gave me the old kitchen coop for my play house. She helped me paint it, she made me curtains for the windows and we brought in furniture and dishes. I even had a clothes line outside to hang up all my dolls clothes and kitchen towels. I remember she had a white claw foot tub and always used the same white plastic hair brush. She had dentures for as long as I can remember and would pop them out at random times just to freak me out. She would make bacon sandwiches for breakfast and say "Yello..." when she answered the phone. She was strong, funny, smart and most of all, she really cared about other people. I think about her everyday of my life still. It's been 11 years I think. I'm proud to have her smile. Proud to have her temper. I'm proud to call her my Grandma.

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Tracy said...

I love this. Thanks for your lovely comment re: my grammy... (And I love your haircut!) xo tracy