Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Off To See The Wizard...

Well, actually my Gaga but she's been known to be pretty crafty and magical at times.

We're leaving on a jet plane tomorrow evening and will be gone till next Monday evening. I'm stressed out to be leaving work at this time because I have four thousand things to do and not enough time it seems like. It will be nice to get away from it though and just relax hopefully. My Gran isn't known for relaxing. At least I'm hoping it will be warm. Warm enough to wear my new sandals and dress without a jacket. We'll see.

BTW, I just liked the photo above. It's nothing in particular. Looks like something I would TOTALLY wear. Except for the hair I guess.

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Real Weekend?

It's amazing. I actually had a real weekend. Seems like I haven't had one of those in months. We had dinner Friday night with John's parents. It turned out to be really nice. Saturday we got up and waited for the Got Junk guys to show up. They came and took away a 1/3 of a dumpster load of crap from our backyard. It was magic. We spent the day cleaning, organizing, mowing, etc. Sunday we slept in a little, drove down to Sedalia to meet mom and drop off our dogs. I hate when they aren't with us. It makes life seems so sad and lonely. We had a nice lunch with Mom & Gary. Drove back. Had a work thing to do then went shopping. The day was chilly and raining but turned off nice once we got out shopping. I got everything I was looking for for vacation/summer (Comfy dress, check. New black flip flops, check. New footless tights, check. Small canvas beach tote, check.). I laid out all my stuff on the bed last night and tried to mix and match outfits in my head. John thinks I'm crazy! I always end up taking to much stuff and not wearing half of it. I'm trying to pack smartly this time. I've got everything under control except for shoes. I can't decide which to take. Such a terrible problem to have. Also, got my summer reading all purchased. I'm a relatively slow reader because I usually just read before bed but I'm going to take at least one of these on vacation with me and hop to get through it. Also, last night, I got this bug in my nose about cutting my bangs. I was just going to trim them. Just a tiny bit. Well the scissors took on a life of their own in my hands and then I opened my eyes and here is what I saw...

I actually ended up liking what happened a lot. John was holding his breath for the flood of tears to come but they never did. I got out the straight iron and some hair stuff, went to work and ended up being rather pleased with my happy accident. It's pretty liberating to have those blasted bangs off my forehead.

In other news, I'm already in vacation mode and having trouble focusing at work. All I can think about it packing all my new summery clothes into my cute suitcase and flying off to someplace warm.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

That's What You Get For Helping People

So yesterday was Administrative Professionals day. Amazing first of all that we have our own national holiday but even more amazing that people actually recognize it. Yesterday I got flowers, a cool thermo mug, lunch with my top exec at a great fancy restaurant and a $50 gift card to Starbucks. Today, I got another set of flowers. Amazing! My people love me!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm Back in Black

I know I haven't been around much lately. The last week and a day at work have been crazy. We've been doing our annual sales conference (I support sales people) and I've been on the support staff every day last week (come in early and leave late). There were some fun parts though, I am glad it's over though. Over the weekend I was just as busy. Saturday I took my first ever photography class. It was awesome and totally overwhelming at the same time. I learned a ton that I didn't know about cameras, lighting, photoshop. Sunday we worked in the yard. When I say we worked, we WORKED. Like slaves that were being punished from some unspeakable act of rebellion. Our poor yard had been suffering all winter for our gross neglect and it was time to clean it up. Mulched the mountain of leaves we piled up in the fall, cut up and bagged the pile of carpet and pad that we removed from the house (also in the fall), trimmed the trees, picked up every living stick in that yard, completely cleaned (took it all out, sorted through it and put back only what we needed) the shed and cleaned off the patio. Needless to say we've got a giant pile of junk to go someplace. We've got the Got Junk people coming on Saturday to take it all away. Hallelujah. Glory Be.

This week I've been cleaning up all the stuff I couldn't get done or did half way last week at work and home. Tons of emails, projects, filing to be done at work. At home is a nightmare in it's self. Slowly but surely.

I don't have a ton to talk about today. I think I'm still tired from working so much last week and then sore from working in the yard. I kinda just wanna curl up on the couch, watch tv and eat ice cream. Oh wait. I did that last night after I got home from getting the oil changed in the car, going to the grocery store, putting all the groc away, making dinner and sorta cleaning up after all that. Jeesh I'm busy. I gotta cut that out!
And yes, I know my photo above is blurry. I wanted it that way.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Biggest Loser

So we all know I'm strangely in love with this show. I've yet to figure out what started me watching it and John wonders why I continue but I know. I often cry during the show because these people are so inspiring but also just really good people. Next week is the finale and I'm sad a little. Happy that their real lives can begin again. They can see their families, go back to their jobs and sleep in their own beds but also sad because I'll miss them. It's funny to me how I've always been able to become attached to people I don't know. It's part of the reason books are so hard for me. I become so involved with the characters and then it's over and I have to find new friends to care about. Anyway, this season two people have really become my favorites. Roger and Brittnay. Brit has already been voted off the show but has lost over 66 pounds. Roger is in the final four and has lost the most weight of anyone on the ranch, ever. He started out at 363 is now down to 219. That's 144 pounds people. That's crazy! I really hope he can make it to the final three but I don't know if he will. Their before and afters are amazing. Amazing! I say it every week.

I read a quote today I think is really wonderful. Watching this show and reading things like this really makes you stop your everyday routine and think about what you are doing.

"It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not."

This makes me think about all the time I've wasted being freaked out about my body. Being worried because I couldn't wear skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. I realize today that I'm less worried about those things than ever in my life. I have days were that's still hard but overall I'm really liking who I am. I'm ok that my skin is pale, that my hips are big that my smile is toothy. All those things that I used to just want to fade into the background for being, don't seem so important when you really stop to examine your life. I have life. I have health. I have family. I have future. Some people don't have those things. Some people are completely alone with no one else. Some people have health problems they can't rise above. I'm thanking God today that even though my body isn't model perfect, I'm strong and healthy. Loved and cared for. Well fed and warm. Content and pleasantly surprised.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Warm Weather Where Are You?

Today it's raining and 45. Could be colder and I think it's suppose to be later this week. It's got me thinking about warm weather. Here are my warm weather inspirations today:
This summer robe looks so light and comfy. You can't tell it from this pic but it's also gingham, which when I saw it in the Boden catalog last night instantly transported me back to when I was a kid. I had a blue gingham baby blanket that was super soft from years of wash. I really think I must have this robe.
This cookbook, which I actually just purchased minutes ago from Amazon, looks to be what my summer meal planning will be all about. Ellie makes some really great recipes that are healthy but also seem sinful. I'm excited for grilling out but doing it with a more healthy spin. I love the ideas Ellie brings together in this book. I'm really excited to get it. I also ordered a exercise DVD along with it. A little toning will be good for me this summer.
Hopefully once I've got the DVD going just about everyday, I'll be more excited to wear this. I haven't decided for sure on it but I love how it's sort of vintage looking. Then I have to decide on a color, which is also hard. I may go with a two piece instead but at least I'm thinking about it. I can't, however, swim. Interesting huh.
Also, I've been dreaming of a fruity drink to make this summer while friends are over. Something simple but pretty. This one fits the bill. It's called Raspberry Iced Tea Punch and I got it off the food network site. Here's the recipe:

Raspberry Iced Tea Punch

2 nectarines, pitted and sliced
1 pint fresh raspberries
1 lemon, sliced
20 fresh mint leaves, plus more for garnish
3 cups tea, freshly brewed, sweetened to taste and chilled
1 bottle sparkling white wine

Fill a large pitcher with the fruit and mint. The add the tea and let sit for 10 minutes to infuse. Once you're ready to serve, add the sparkling white wine. Pour into glass with ice. Add mint for garnish.

I also can't wait to: Get fresh flowers for the house every week, get new curtains for the living room so I can let the sunshine in, plant flowers in pots for my front porch, wear summer dresses with my new gold sandals, Take the dogs out for walks, being out in our yard doing yard work together, grilling out on the new patio we're going to have poured, making lemon bars for a picnic in the park, summer vacation...

Monday, April 07, 2008

Things I Didn't Know About Chuck.

This morning I was completely shocked and saddened by the news that Charlton Heston passed away on Saturday evening. He was always one of my favorite actors. Ever since I was little. People always thought it was strange for a eight year old to want to watch Treasure Island over whatever popular and stupid kids shows were on at the time. He was such a great actor and an even better man. Here are some things I didn't know about Chuck...

-In the 1950s and 60s he was one of a handful of Hollywood actors to speak out openly against racism and was an active supporter of the civil rights movement. Heston later came to advocate conservative politics, being a friend and confidant of President Ronald Reagan and standing against what he saw as the excessive influence of liberal media commentators to the detriment of the common man.

-He was President of the National Rifle Association from 1998 to 2003.

-In 1944, Heston enlisted in the United States Army Air Forces. He served for two years as a B-25 radio operator/gunner stationed in the Alaskan Aleutian Islands with the Eleventh Air Force, rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant.

-After Marlon Brando, Burt Lancaster and Rock Hudson turned down the role of Ben-Hur (1959), Heston accepted the role, going on to win the Academy Award for Best Actor, one of the eleven unprecedented Oscars the film earned.

-Heston campaigned for Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy in 1960.[9] When an Oklahoma movie theater premiering his movie was segregated, he joined a picket line outside in 1961.

-Heston was the president and spokesman of the NRA from 1998 until he resigned in 2003. At the 2000 NRA convention, he raised a rifle over his head and declared that the Bill Clinton administration would take away his Second Amendment rights "from my cold, dead hands."

-Heston died on Saturday, April 5, 2008 at his home in Beverly Hills, California with Lydia, his wife of 64 years, by his side. He was 84. The cause of death is currently unknown.

A sad day indeed. Such a great man, willing to stand up for what he believed in no matter if it wasn't the cool thing to do. Such a great example of what men should be. I always wanted to meet him. Tell him how his passion for people made me want to get out there and do something in the world. How he was inspiration for a generation that had none. Our government is beige. No life, no color. We're white toast with grits. We've got nobody willing to stand up and be a true leader and frankly that scares me. If you know me at all, you know I'm not political. I don't follow the news and what is going on with the candidates or what the current "man" in office has to say. I don't know much about the issues but I do know what I believe in and it takes people like Chuck and my husband who truly stand for what they believe and aren't ashamed of their beliefs to run this country. We need passion, purpose and compassion in our office today. It's gonna take an act of God. Thank the Lord He's able. Thank the Lord always...

Friday, April 04, 2008

Errrrrrr, Back Up. Hold the Phone.

I'm going to whine. Be forewarned.

I often watch shows where people are REALLY good at something. Cooking, sewing, singing, dancing, decorating. I watch these people with delight each week but secretly am thinking "Why am I not good at something like that?" Once I was thinking this aloud within earshot of my wonderful husband. He tells me it's ok because I'm kinda good at a lot of little things. Um, I think you're missing the point. I want to be REALLY good at something not just kinda fake my way to goodness part of the time. I wonder to myself why God didn't make me really good at something like these things listed above. I know it's not a mistake He made. I know he doesn't do those but I'm wondering how being ok-ish at drawing or so so at making people laugh is helpful here? I know, I'm whining. I did warn you. You can't say I didn't. This is another one of those things that you think about when you are like 13, "Why don't boys like me?". You obsess over it for ages until some stupid boy likes you, breaks your heart and leaves you for some girl named "Marissa". I'm not speaking out of experience here, mind you. Just generally. So I wonder to myself, is this something that will pass? Is this "What am I good at?" phase going to just blow away in the wind? Thinking about it now, I'm REALLY REALLY good at wasting time. At work. At home. Anytime really. I'm not picky. Hm...

Secret Agent Man

There's a man who leads a life of danger
To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
With every move he makes another chance he takes
Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow
Secret Agent Kitty, Secret Agent Kitty
They've given you a number and taken away your name...

I'm in one of those strange yet wonderful moods where I want to throw things away. To bad I'm at work and not at home. I have a ton of stuff at home that needs to go somewhere. Anyway but in my house. When I get in these moods I could literally start throwing things out into the yard and hope that tiny elves come by at night and pick it all up. Thus, my more practical yearning for a dumpster rental. I've always been a big take everything out and start again person. I'm also a color coder. LOVE color coded file folders, excel spreadsheets and highlighters. I need that show Clean Sweep to come to my house. They take everything out of your house, put it on tarps in the yard and you go through it. Keep, Toss, Sell piles. Love that idea. Maybe I'll do that to the spare room. I wonder where all this stuff comes from and better yet why we can't seem to part with it. We both also get overwhelmed very easily and don't do well without the other person's support. I struggle being a powerhouse cleaner when John isn't around. You would think it wouldn't be that way. Imagine how much I could get done while he's away but no. I working on breaking that habit. It's a hard one though.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lately I've Been Dreaming...

Of a little house in the woods. A little weekend getaway place. I think it all started when I was thinking about the house my Mom and I used to live in before I married John. It was a tiny strange little house. Rooms that seemed to be just tacked on as after thoughts, secret hiding cubbies, original everything. It was old but seemed enchanted almost. At least to me. We had a huge yard that backed up to a small pond and some woods. We were in the middle of nowhere it seemed like. I loved the sun porch and how we moved the furniture around a lot. Life was slower then. Things like baking and doing laundry were magical somehow. Funny how you look back on times in your life and the pictures you have in your head all seem to glow. We had tons of plants and flowers around us and that to me has a large part to do with it. I'm terrible at plants. Anyway, thinking about all that lately and then I ran onto these photos from Blue Print magazine. I've seen them before, I have this magazine at my house but I love this little house. It reminds me of the charm that our old house had and how I hope that someday we can have a little spot like this someplace tucked away. A place I can not be afraid to decorate in bright colors because there is tons of light streaming in the windows. A place where all the dishes can be mismatched and the bedding soft with years of use. A place my kids can play outside in the sunshine and make memories just like I did...