Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Back Lash

So far it's been wild rumors. Names floating around here and there. People whispering in the corners and people nervously walking to meetings. The word is more is on the way. Don't have an exact number or how many more they plan. It's a little nerve racking. Not because I'm scared for my job but because I know so many people here and hate to see anyone be effected. So far about 13 people I know are gone.

Other things today are going well though. Not really much going on and that's mighty fine with me. It's my mom's birthday, Happy Birthday Momma! She's out shopping for something great for herself. I'm shopping today got spring stuff. Well more spring inspiration. I plan to make a lot of skirts and dresses this coming season. I want to start now but need some motivation. Boden is a favorite of mine for clothing. I've still yet to buy a thing from there but not because I don't love every single thing in the magazine. I pour over those pages every time it comes to my mailbox. Here is a sneak peek of their new spring cuteness.

I'm ramping up for our trip to Texas. Trying to figure out what I'm going to take. I don't think I've ever been there in winter. It's going to be strange not to be wearing sandals and tank tops. John and I were talking last night about a possible trip in June/July. I was telling him about the list I've already made for stuff we would need to take. He laughed. He thinks it's funny I'm a planner. It's actually obsessive with me but in strange things. Not everything. Like I have to plan what I'm going to pack for a trip or what clothes I need to buy for the next season. Can't help it.

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