Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little She Devil

Last night we lugged her ginormous bed out of that back of my car and into the house. We had two zillion other things going on, so we didn't put it together. I'm sure that will happen tonight. I'm excited to see it in the room. Also, she got her first gift yesterday from Tiff & Dave. Cutest little outfits I've ever seen. Here is just the dress. I can't find a good shot of the tights but let me tell you, they are wicked cute. Also, I bought her there super cute shoes yesterday. I realize when she's little she doesn't walk and therefore why would she need shoes. Seriously? She's a woman and a woman, no matter the practicality level, need shoes. I can't wait to put these babies on her.

Seems like all we talk about are names now. Coming up with something that truly captures how cool she will be is hard to do. We have some options but it's so much pressure. It's forever! Hopefully something will come soon.

Working today, as usual. Thankfully since our quarter has ended (and my group did well) everyone is back to a more normal relaxed working state of mind. It's lovely to not have received an urgent email in almost an hour.

The weather is good here today. Sunny an bright but still a little cool. Have I mentioned I'm so looking forward to Thanksgiving? It's right around the corner now. Crazy how fast time is going these days. I can't believe tomorrow is Oct already. More later...

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Much to my surprise, it's a girl. I won't lie and say I wasn't taken off guard by this fact because for some reason I just really felt in my heart I was having a boy. John took me out to dinner that night and he tried to get me to open up about how I was feeling about it all. It wasn't that I don't or didn't want her if she was a girl because I do but it was so odd. Like my son had died or something. It was almost like I was grieving a death and not realizing that I still have life inside of me. To get myself out of that funk I decided the best thing to do was go look at little girl things. Something I never do because I tend to always think the boy clothes are much cuter. So after a few stores (and this seriously cute little blanket in which I totally couldn't resist buying) I started feeling better. We started wondering about her. What color hair she will have. What color eyes. It also helps that we can call her "she" now and talk about names. It makes it all so much more real. I'm not completely 100% normal yet but I'm close. I'm getting excited about little girl things (as John says how I'm going to dress her like a mini Naomi). And also as my Mom and John both mentioned, God knows what we need better than we do. I'm trying to keep that into perspective and breath...

Yesterday, we went to the Ren Fest. I'm not sure why every year we go. It seems like tradition at this point. We took Jessica our 13 year old cousin this year. She'd never been. We had fun even though it was hot and my feet hurt something terrible once we finally got back to the car. Jess was excited about the petting zoo (she loves Llama's) and the head gear. I got my hands hennaed (which I've always wanted to do) and John ate a giant turkey leg (but that was after my hands we rendered useless by the henna art, so I couldn't take a photo).

Also, yesterday they called us to tell us our crib was in. We dropped Jess off and rushed over to pick it up even though we were so tired. We're going to spend today finishing up cleaning out her room and putting together her new little bed. Wow, that's gonna be weird.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random Cuteness From My Life...

Just a little random cuteness from my life lately that I'm behind on showing you. I've got to updated my Flickr account so I can continue to post things there as well. On with the show...

First off, this is the very cool jade necklace my dad brought me back from Costa Rica. The matching bracelet of course. Dad did so well. The ring is my favorite wooden ring from Target.
The CUTE handbag made out of coconut shells. Not sure how they did it but man it's cool.
Yorda's new fall sweater from Target. So very me. She likes it too of course.
New pillows for the couch. Love the contrasting colors.
And last but totally not least, my girl. I love her.
Tomorrow is the big day. At 2:30pm CT our lives will change forever. We find out the sex of our baby. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. Hopefully I'll have time to post afterwards. More later...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bout Time!

So since I've managed to actually get most all of my work done and I haven't heard my phone ring in over 20 minutes, I think it's about time for a little gallery of stuff I'm totally in love with today...

Wicked Cute Grey Dress

Brown Pointy Toe Flats

The Cutest Grey Coat I've EVER Seen
Really Interesting Brown Leather Handbag
Totally Amazing Leaf EarringsSuper Cozy Blue Cardigan Two Tone Wooden Bangle Bracelet

I'm also dreaming about cute house things today. As you can tell, I'm burnt out on working and letting my mind wonder. OH OH OH! I received a wonderful belated birthday gift from a friend today. I love it so much. Look at how freakin cute the bottle is. It's Nanette Lepore Shanghai Butterfly perfume. My new favorite. It's really woodsy and earthy smelling. I totally am obsessed over it. It's funny how getting older is changing me. I find myself being less patent leather and more brown leather. Less black four inch heel and more brown funky wedge. I like it. It suits me.

As Promised

To those who are interested in the size of my stomach, here you go...

At this point I'm doing really well in the weight department. Last time I was at the docs (a month ago) I had only gained two pounds. I have a feeling it will be a little more than that this time but I'm almost half way in and pretty much all baby. I love hearing people's predictions of what they think is in there. Boy is in the front running at this point. I think I only have two girl votes but I wonder if that's because I just seem more like a boy person. At least I think I do but I know I will be what God wants me to be for my baby. Boy or Girl.

Maybe more later today because I TOTALLY don't feel like working...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Guess Who?!

Guess who is kicking like crazy today?! Haven't been able to really feel it till today. Thought I did a few times before but it would only happen once and then nothing. Today it's over and over. Feels so weird. Almost like hunger pains or when you eat a lot and your stomach is rolling around. Super weird.

Only a few more days now till we know the gender. Actually, two full days and a half. The baby is 5.5 inches from head to booty this week. About the size of a bell pepper. Crazy how they grow. I'm so amazingly anxious to find out what is there. I can't wait to finally be able to say either "He" or "She" and to be able to get things for the room.
In other news. Things will be scares around here for a little longer. Work is amazingly busy due to our sales quarter getting ready to close and our yearly client conference all falling within the same couple week period. Lots to do and so I'm super busy. I promise to be back soon with more interesting things to talk about.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pretty Potty

I'm covering the desk of the fanciest building at my work. It's the area we bring our clients to negotiate, learn what we do and just generally impress them. It's cool. Don't get me wrong but for some reason I'm just totally obsessed with the bathrooms in this place. Here are a few shots from the one nearest this desk. Man I would love my at home bath too look like this:

First thing when you walk in the very cool door is this super beautiful tile lining the main wall. It's "fish bellied" as I call it.

Then you round the corner to see the sinks and such. I just love this sink area.

I know you all think I'm loony for taking photos in the bathroom at work but seriously, how cute is this place?!

View From The Top

So here is what I see when I look down these days. It's really kinda scary this way and isn't as big in real life. I was having a big belly day yesterday. Today it's smaller. Today it's also raining here. AGAIN. I know it's Fall. I know it's suppose to be raining but I would like just a few days of some sunshine and nice weather in which I can wear my new Birkenstock outside. Got them yesterday in the mail. They are so fun. John actually doesn't hate them at all.

Say hello to my new obsession. Cranberry Oatmeal Bars.

They have them in our mini Starbucks at work. They are sweet and tart but oh so yummy. I have to figure out how to make them!

As you can tell I'm not much for working today. The rain has made me want to just call it a day here at 9:30am. Plus it's jeans day at work for some sports thing. I totally don't care about sports but I'm a big fan of jeans. I hope this day doesn't drag on forever because I have a big night of lasagna making I want to get to. We're also doing furniture rearranging this weekend. Oh AND purchasing "the crib". This is the one we've settled on.

Minus all the pink crap. I love the drawer at the bottom for extra storage. We'll need all of it we can get I think. One of my very kind execs has given me a white six drawer dresser I plan to strip the front of the drawers and stain them the same as the bottom of this. I'm really excited to get the room started. It almost doesn't feel like the baby is real at this point because there is almost no evidence around our house that we're expecting. I know I have time but boy it doesn't feel like it. I was thinking last night how fast this has already seemed to have gone by. I asked John if he thought so but he didn't. He's been having to put up with me though, so I'm sure that makes it feel agonizingly slow. 14 days till we find out the sex of this little person swimming inside me. I keep calling it My Baby. "My Baby is big today" or "My Baby is hungry". John thinks that's funny but I don't really know what else to call this little life right now. We got to talking the other night about if we thought the dogs could hear the baby in there. They always lay close to me on the couch and last night Yorda had her little ear pressed up to my stomach. I wonder if they know there is something in there moving around. I think animals know that kind of thing. They can sense something is up. Sirius loves to lay straight on top of my stomach and I tease he's my baby warmer.

Off to get this day over with so I can be at home in my flannel pants and Birkenstock!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

His Big Adventure

In case any of my readers didn't get copied on dad's latest email about his trip to Costa Rica and his new blog site about it, here's the link.


Pretty cool sounding so far. I'm actually totally envious but I'm so thrilled he's getting to do something really cool for once. What an awesome once in a life time trip. I have to say I hope he does come back but I couldn't blame him if he doesn't.

In other news, nothing exciting is going on with me. I'm struggling to stay focused at work. I'm to busy thinking about all the new fall stuff coming out and all the projects I want to do this fall. Seems like every year around this time I get that itch and make a list of crafty things I'd like to do while the weather is cooling down. This years list of course includes a ton of baby things but I will have to wait a few weeks more to know if I need to use green or aqua. No pink and blue here folks. Like you expected anything less from me. Anyway, projects I plan to learn or learn how to do better this coming season are:

-Jewelry Making
-Painting (Experimenting with different mediums)

I've actually been thinking about jewelry making for a while. I really just want to make simple pieces for myself and my family. I have some cool ideas in mind but nothing sketched out and certainly haven't been anywhere to drool over beads yet. That will come soon. I'm tired of shopping for certain pieces in the stores and can never find what I want. I might as well just make them. More gratifying anyways, right?

Baking I of course know how to do but it seems I bake the same old stuff all the time. I want to try out some new fall baking recipes this year. I keep thinking about a apple tart I saw someplace and longing for it's warm cinnamon comfort. I have to say I'm loving the weather change so far. It makes it hard to leave the house. I want to stay in and light my candles and wear my flannel sleep pants all day. I of course drag myself to work each day and manage to get things done in the process but still. I'm not sure if it's because of the impending baby on my life (the nesting factor) and the weather change but man I'm loving being at home right now. I've also been finding all these books I want to read this fall and winter. Manly things that would have seemed boring to me before but I can't help myself now. I was on Dr Laura (God Bless that woman) website yesterday and she had recommended a ton of books I want to read. We'll be making use of every square cent of that special amazon account we got. Free two day shipping is the best ever.

Well I guess I better work. Sigh...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Keeping Things In Perspective

Thought I would share a pic of about how big the baby is this week. It's still amazing to me everyday that I have a growing person inside my body.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to catch the beginning of a great maternity clothing sale. I got some things for the cooler weather that is suddenly upon us. Weird how that happend like over night.

Work today is boring. I have things to do but not much motivation. I am getting ready to go work out in a few though. Maybe that will help.

Monday, September 08, 2008

I Don't Care If It Makes Me a Hippie...

I totally just bought these on sale for half off and I also totally don't care if it makes me a hippie. My feet are so excited!I hope to get a few more warm days to wear them before fall. I like the grey much better than the brown too.

Weekend Clean Up

So sadly the weekend is over and everyone is back to work. John actually worked Saturday as well, so it doesn't really seem like we got much of a weekend. We did get out a little on Saturday night and I got a few great things for the house. I've been in a major nesting mode lately and wanting to make our very bland and boring house more us. Give it more personality. Same old story but as always I've had trouble deciding on paint colors or fabric swatches. I think I've finally nailed it all down and now feel comfortable actually buying things. Got these fun accessories:The colors here are more muted than in real life but basically, it's a really cute aqua bath mat, a "wicker" (as John calls anything woven) low tray and a dark brown, green and cream vase. I spent all day yesterday cleaning things up around the house. Only part of the baby room left to do. Well and move some furniture around. Then I can start making progress. More pictures to come of all that soon.

In other news, I bought new socks for the coming season. I know that's not big news in some circles but just look at how fun these socks are. You may change your mind:
Also, the ever dramatic Yorda thought it was about time she redeemed herself from the last photos she appeared in here on my blog.

The Profile Shot:

The Diva Shot:
Also, I must mention how wonderful my husband actually is. I mean we all know he's a great guy but seriously, He drove me all over KC looking for a Cinnamon Apple candle yesterday. We found a ton of them but none of them where to my liking. He kept his cool and drove me to the next store I could think of probably six times. Finally at the last one we found something. Not actually a Cinnamon apple one at all but something I loved and wanted. God Bless Him...

Friday, September 05, 2008

Not That Anyone But Me Cares...

But these items all together are the perfect summer into fall wardrobe for me. I want so badly to never have to dress up unless I want to and wear this stuff everyday.

Today I feel icky. Sore throat, head ache, little bit of a cough. I really don't want to be sick. And I really don't want to be sick on the weekend. Oh well...
Happy Weekend.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

26 Years Old and Non Stop Heart Burn

So my 26th birthday was awesome. We traveled down to mom's house and spent three relaxing days just hangin out. On the actual day of my birthday we went to Springfield and ate at Lamberts. Oh the yumminess that was the fried okra, the hot rolls, the green beans. I was in heaven. Sadly my stomach doesn't let me eat like I used to and I didn't to wallow in the total self indulgence that is eating friend okra till the button on your pants pop off. We then proceeded to mess around town going here and there. I finally settled on a present from John. A new Singer sewing machine. It's a beauty and most importantly to me, easy to use. I have a sewing machine. A brand I can't even remember at this point but it's the most un-user friendly machine I've ever dealt with. My new one, Betsy as I'm calling her, is divine. Sunday mom and I attempted to sew together anything that would hold still long enough. We both made a "Frenchy Bag" from the Amy Butler pattern. Both turned out nice. As with any sewing project you always think of things you could have done different but I'm super happy with the end result.

We also had the privilege of dog sitting the lovely Izzy over the holiday weekend. She belongs to our good friends Tiff & Dave. I was worried about her for a little bit because we ended up having eight dogs all together and I wasn't sure how she would handle that. She did awesome though.

Back in KC. The weather had turned off weird thanks to Mr. Gustav. That's John's new favorite word to say. He randomly yells "Guuuuustav!"all the time now. Lucky me. It's 59 here right now and raining super hard.

In other news, I'm 15 weeks pregnant this week. For you normal folks who are luck enough not to have to count your life in weeks, that's one week shy of four months. I'm defiantly showing now. I'm wearing maternity pants because they are more comfortable than regular ones. We got to hear the heart beat of the baby last week. It was really fast and super neat to hear it. We find out the gender on the 26th. So can't wait for that. I'm excited and VERY nervous to find out. I'm getting back to normal now seems like. Getting most of my eating habits back (With the exception of eggs and meat. Those are still nasty), feeling less tired most days and generally feeling pretty good. I do however have constant heart burn. It's weird though because it's not like normal hb. It's like I took a wad of bread, balled it up really tight and swallowed it. It feels like it's just sitting there in my throat. Weirdness for sure. In other good news, I've only gained one pound. Maybe not important to the rest of you but feeling pretty good about that so far. I know more will come and that I will have to deal with it. I'll cross that bridge when it comes though.