Friday, May 07, 2010

Jen's Back!

For years I've been in love with a gal named Jennifer Knapp. She's got an AMAZING voice and I've had the pleasure of seeing her in concert twice. She's equally awesome live as on her cd's. Anyway, she kinda disappeared for a few years. Well more like seven years actually. I was wondering about her the other day when I came across her cd's while unpacking. Wondering where she's been, what she's been doing with that wonderful voice and those amazingly real lyrics. Well, turns out, she's back.

In the new issue of Relevant magazine they did a little interview with her. She dropped out of the music scene for so long to find herself, God, her passion for music again. She was just plain and simple burnt out. But after a few years of searching and apparently finding, she's back with a new cd called Letting Go, out May 11. Check it out on Amazon or wherever you check out music. It's pretty good from the sound bites I've heard. Heck, she's so awesome John and I even played one of her songs at our wedding. Love this gal!

Welcome back Jen. I've missed you!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Chaos is Beauty

Or at least I have to keep telling myself that. Our house is still just a mess. I feel like I never get much really done around here and yet I'm dead tired at the end of the day. Hm. I'm looking around feeling like this state of chaos will last forever but I know it won't. I know in no time things will be put away, clean and I'll just be able to go back to everyday stuff. That everyday stuff, btw, takes up A LOT of my life.
Life is good though. Today is John's birthday. Made a tasty smelling cake to take to work today. It wasn't super pretty or fancy looking but I'm betting it tasted like pure sin. Hope there's a little left over for me. Gotta get my sin quota for the day.

More random thoughts soon. I promise...