Friday, December 28, 2007

More Stuff Nobody But Me Cares About...

I've got a tickle in my nose about blue shoes today. I dunno...

Also, this hair is cute. I'm trying to resist the urge.

And I fancy this dress & necklace very much...

Help me, I'm Crazy.

Playing Favorites

So today is probably the last day of the year I will be online. I was thinking today about a wonderful end of year favorites list.

Here goes:

Favorite for 2007

-Movie: Chocolat, Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix

-Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

-Music: The Weepies, Bad Religion, Keane, & CSS

-Magazine: Blueprint (which is no more. dang)

-Drink: Tab (which is no more as well. What the?!) & Milk

-Game: Scrabble & Sudoku

-TV Show: Men In Trees, Ugly Betty & Notes From The Underbelly

I can't think of much else. I should have a load of things. Hmm. Today I've done a ton of work while at work. Tonight we are traveling to The Lake of the Ozarks to have Christmas with John's family. Should be interesting. I'm excited about the new year. Will bring new things. Always does.

Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dang Ikea!

Just so you know, Ikea isn't making it any easier on me to not want a baby...


After Christmas

Dragging myself back into the office yesterday was hard. Really hard. Not many people were here and the day seemed to creep by with little to no hurry at all. Today isn't shaping up to be much better. I at least saved a big but boring task for this week on purpose. I have Monday off though, so that's helping me get more done this week knowing I won't have a full week next either.

I received some lovely gifts over the holiday.Everyone did really good this year and I'm pretty proud of what I got John. He's always so hard to buy for. I did well this year though.

I feel increasingly boring today. I don't have my Christmas photos to share with you, I don't really have anything interesting to say. I'm just kinda here.

Sigh...Maybe I'll dream up something brilliant for later.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Last Day Of The Week...

So it's Friday. Not that you didn't know already but still, just mentioning. I'm really ready for home and warm PJ pants but I've got shopping to do. Loads and loads of shopping. I have my plan all mapped out in a brand new mini notebook. I love organization! Not many people about today here at work. More than I thought but not many. I was graced with a lady having what appeared to be extreme morning sickness today. It might have been the high light. I swallowed and got a knot in the pit of my stomach knowing that may at some point in the near future be me. Babies.

I really don't have all that much whirling around in my mind today. I'm just focusing on getting out of here at 3:30 and making for darn sure I get as much shopping done as I can. Probably won't be blogging much or at all during the holiday. I know we'll be busy. So far only one pic for you today.

Have I mentioned my hubby is really cute in a nerdy, geeky, video gamer that doesn't t live in his mom's basement sort of way...

Zombies. Imagine.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes in my job I'm asked to do impossible things. Like book a flight that doesn't exist or find a hotel room in a sold out city. Sometimes that stresses me out and sometimes it doesn't. Today I'm feeling the former. Just so you know. ;)

Here's a goofy little photo of me. I'm so in love with my new necklace charm. I think it's rather nice. I might put it on a beaded strand but I can't decide yet.
It feels like Friday here. So many people have tomorrow off. I work for sales people though and Christmas is the last thing on their minds. It's END OF QUARTER! Da Da Da! Everyone is out and about selling our stuff. God bless them their tryin. I did get a lovely box of chocolates from Andres today from on of my Directors. I thought she didn't like me that much, guess I was wrong. I also was approached about something really scary to me. Added a few more execs to my already full plate. Not just execs that don't need anything. Execs that can't do anything with out the help of an admin. I'm thinking and praying that's not headed my way for real. My head will explode!
I'm getting excited for Christmas now. Bout time, right! I talked to Gran today from Germany and for some reason that got me excited about it. We talked over the menu for Christmas dinner and presents still yet to be purchased. Tonight I'm going over to set up her lovely tree. I'm sure I'll take pics. She has such beautiful colors going on with the ornaments and the lights. I can't wait to see it again. Family coming over, I'm in charge of desserts and presents (which I'm looking forward to giving John his this year). Only one hour, fifteen minutes and one day from Christmas break!!!

New Years Party

I've always wanted to have some super fancy party to attend on New Years or at least someplace I could get majorly glamed up for. The only New Years parties I've ever been to have been church ones where we eat chili and play domino's till midnight. Granted, I love small homey gatherings but sometimes a girl wants to put on black eye liner and carry a teenie tiny sparkly purse. But since I've got nowhere in particular to go this year, I've decided to dream about what I would wear IF I was going someplace swanky.

The Dress:

The Shoes:The bag:

More later...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lovely Day

I've decided today is a lovely day. I've gotten a ton of work done despite my lack of enthusiasm towards doing so, I've got on an outfit that makes me feel cute, AND I just got an extremely thoughtful and wonderful gift from my best friend Alison, whom I love with all my heart. We went to a craft fair together and I love this charm/pendant but didn't bring my wallet because I KNEW I would want something. So I didn't get it and was sad. Well she snuck back over there and nabbed it for my Christmas gift. She's such a keeper!

As you can see it's two sided and lovely. It couldn't be more perfect for me, really. My love for my initial AND birds is getting totally ridiculous these days. I've got to get a chain for it but can't decided what length. I also got a really great smelling Yankee candle.

This photo from the other night is when I missed summer and summer shoes. I put on my yellow flats with grey capri pants and proceeded to do house cleaning in them. Well I got cold and had to take them off but it was fun while it lasted. Boy my legs are white!

Also, today I'm wearing my new "locket". It's just a cheapy one from Target but I love it. It's been named The Flava Flav by Alison and John thinks I look a little like Run DMC but I don't care. I like it because it's big and exaggerated.

What else for today? Oh! John is home sick. I think with the flu. I'm hoping it doesn't hang on till Christmas. He's never really sick but when he gets it, he get it. Maybe homemade chicken soup would do the trick. Hmmm... we'll see.

Thought For The Day

"When the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it may be that they take better care of it there."

— Cecil Selig
Oh how true! I see girls in magazines all skinny and ridiculous. I say ridiculous but that's what I find myself wanting more than anything this holiday season, is to be back to my normal weight. I'm not huge. I'm not gross. I'm just uncomfortable and that's not a great feeling. At the same time that I feel uncomfortable in my clothes, I'm eating mass amounts of cinnamon corn from Topsy's. Funny how life is. It was confirmed last night that I will be getting a treadmill for Christmas. I'm over joyed because I love to walk/run but hate not getting to when the weather is bad. Well, now I'll be able to get fit any time I want. I have all my workout clothes ready. My Nike's are itching to get back to work. Now along with this I must start eating better. I need to eat breakfast. Something more than just hot tea. I'm thinking an egg and some toast for winter months and maybe cottage cheese and some fruit for summer. Wait. All of this is totally boring to people who aren't me. Sorry. Lost my head. More (hopefully) interesting things later...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

She's A Bloody Genius!

So I just talked to a friend who looked calm and rested. I asked her if she was ready for the holidays and she replied that she was completely done. Nothing left to do. "Huh? What? I must have been mistaken because...hhhh, I thought I heard you say you were completely done." Blank stare on my face. She giggled and said she's done all her shopping online for the last five years. She sits down day after Thanksgiving, makes a list and gets it all done in one shot. "Wwwwhat?" Next year I'm so doing that! Getting the cards done early, getting the gifts bought online and wrapped way before the big day. I'm gonna decorate the heck out of the house and totally make a ton of candy & cookies to give away. This year however I'm here at almost the end of the race without the majority of my shopping done, not maybe cookies made but at least we have the tree up. Oh and the lights on the house (which btw, I would like to tell my husband how very thankful I am that he put those lights out in the freezing cold. He's my favorite). I've got a TON to do and not lots of time to do it in. Great.

Today my inspiration seems to be these three images I keep looking at over and over. I'm not sure why.

The bag is just an old navy canvas bag but I love it. I actually ordered it yesterday. I can't wait for it to get here. The current bag I carry is just so silly. It's big enough for all the stuff I wanna carry but at the same time it only has one handle, so I can't really dig in it while on the move. Not good.

The pink cupcakes? Well I dunno. I love cupcakes and I think I might be warming to light pink on things like cupcakes. Makes them seem sweeter and more romantic. Maybe that doesn't make sense.

The print is from the wonderful brain behind The Black Apple who has an amazing Etsy shop.

Her paintings are so wonderful and I aim to have at least five in my house.

Cozy for 36 Points!!!

So John and I haven't been up to much lately. Seeing Baby Will was the highlight of our weekend really. It's always nice to spend time together doing nothing much though. We talked a lot about babies. Imagine. Who knows if we're ready yet or not. I'm not rushing even though everyone I see is cuter than the one before. Seriously, this can't be happening to me. ME.
John and I have developed a love however for the game of Scrabble. We played Sunday night and then again last night. I of course lost both time but the score was a lot closer last night than before. I'm getting better. My red letter word last night was cozy for 36 points. It was a beautiful thing. Sunday night John and I laughed and laughed (ok I laughed and John sneered at me) when I laid down "donut". Now, I'm aware now that doughnut isn't spelled "donut" but at the time it made wonderful sense and I had the letters, I mean why not?! Also, scrabble isn't always very nice to you. For instance last night at one time I had two e's, three i's, and two blanks on my tile holder. What the crap am I suppose to do with that?! Really though, the game is very fun, even if I do lose every time.

Progress on the house slowly but surely is coming along. Last night I packed away all my summer clothes and shoes. Getting organized is such fun!

More later...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Quick Baby Will Update

Meet Will Hansen, Born Dec 14th, 5:17pm, 7lbs, 20 inches long, Cutest baby in the world...

More stuff tomorrow. I've gotta run to my pt appointment for today.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Today's Favorite Things...

So Oprah always does this favorite things around the holidays. I mean I don't watch her show anymore but I know these kinds of things you know. Anyway, I thought I had to share some of the things I was crushing on lately with you.

This Nike women's sport watch is awesome. I love the navy but also the wide band. This would be great for a casual weekend watch or working out.

This LeSport Sac travel tote is perfect for weekend trips, going out to the beach or even just for carrying groceries. I love the print on this one. Kinda girly but not to much pink for me.

Next we have this grey hooded sweater. I have a sweatshirt version at home that I wear so much but it's not really suited for going out to a casual dinner or anything. This one is dressy enough but still casual at the same time. I love the buttons.

And who could live without a good pair of big legged jeans?! I'm totally in love with these for two reasons. One being the color. It's not tradition denim and two being the sailor buttons. I used to have a pair of black wool sailor pants. I loved them. I have NO clue where they went or why in the world I would have gotten rid of them. Stupid in my youth. I got rid of many a good clothing staple in my day. Silly me.

So now we come to the shoes. You knew it was coming. This look like they would be super cute with these jeans and that sweater.

I also am in total love with these tees. They are soft, come in a ton of colors and I love the sleeve length. I for some reason love this color called Lava.

And now! The thing I love the most today (besides my husband, family and little baby animals)...

It's. It's. It's just so dang pretty. I know. You're looking at the above bag and thinking "Eww" but I love it and plan to go TONIGHT and look at it. Most likely buy it. I've been searching for a light brown leather bag for ages now it seems. This one is reasonably priced and looks as though it would do what I need. We'll see how it all works out.

Funny to me how I've totally become a jeans and t shirt girl. I never was before. I love them now though. LOVE THEM. Old Navy is maybe my favorite place to shop. Almost always cute stuff in stock and the sales can't be beat. For casual wear my money is on them.

So real life stuff. Hm. I made three dozen peanut butter cookies last night and decided to stop. I've got loads more to make tonight. I hope the day at work goes by fast for me. I'm ready to get home. Well get to the hospital to see Baby Will, got to Old Navy to look at my bag AND then go home. The sun is actually shining here right this second but two to four inches of powdery white stuff will roll in tonight. I love to watch it snow though. Mostly when I don't have to go to work the next day. Yay for Me!!!

Also, meet Cute & Cute...

They both look like I caught them in the middle of something private don't they?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Foggy Brain

So the foggy brain from this morning still lives on this afternoon. I did just received a HUGE white chocolate mocha from my great friend Jen who runs the cafe here. She treats me sometimes and God love her, today I really needed it. Just look at how dang messy my desk is. I typically run a super tight ship around here. It's the FOG! I have managed to get a few things done though in between my sneezing. I think maybe I have a sinus infection. My nose feels are dry and on fire inside. I need a humidifier for my desk. I bet people around here wouldn't like the vapo steam though. People here are like that.
Tonight I start the great cookie bake of 2007. Several dozen homemade cookies for the guys at John's work. I hope all goes well. Lucky for us today the snow/ice is melting off. It was pretty while it was here but I'm not sad to see it go. Saturday it will be back. I like at least one day of sun a week. Makes me feel human.
Just a quick Will Hansen update. Baby Willie will be here tomorrow around 6am! Mom and Dad are home preparing today for they new little guy to arrive. Hopefully pictures to come soon. Tiffany (A great friend of mine from work) has had a pretty great pregnancy considering how those things sometimes go. It's their first and boy is he bound to be cute. I can wait to see his little face.
The house is coming along also. It's so fun because it's starting to really feel like we give a crap about this place. Even with no carpet the living room looks so good with the new tree and the new tv. The bookshelf and all it's organization has really helped a lot too. I'm thinking about going after the rest of the spare room and my clothes closet (which yes I know, we discussed me doing this already BUT I didn't...). Maybe Saturday while it's snowing. We'll see. This coffee must be kicking in because I haven't felt like doing anything all day and now I'm thinking about ripping up the house! Maybe the sun AND the coffee.
Happy Thursday! One more brutal work day left for the week!

One of Those Days

So I'm not sure if it's because I don't feel well but came to work anyway or if it's because it seems everything I do here at work is wrong but today hasn't been a good day. I've been here a total of 20 minutes. nice.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Weekend Stuff

So we all were bracing for this super storm that was suppose to rip through for days and cover us with sleet, ice and snow. We got a little ice at our house but mostly it's just slushy. Sadly. Today we are still getting rain and lots of it but it's 34 out and not looking like it's going to drop anytime soon. I was hoping for a short day at work. All the schools are out though, so most of my people are home with their kids.

We did some purchasing over the weekend. Some was planned, some was not. All of it good though.

Got this on sale AND it was the last one. It seems huge to us being 7.5 ft. We're used to a little 3 ft one. The lights are LED and are so bright that you literally can't look straight at the tree for any period of time. John loves it.

We got a new "bookshelf". It's a industrial strength unit. Each shelf can hold up to 600 pounds. This is actually our second one. We got one for the laundry room a few weeks ago. Sirius decided that he has a new look out point.

I made some chicken and dumplings too this weekend. They were oh so tasty and I had enough left over to freeze some for later. I've gotten in this freezing food kick. It's nice thought because I come home and we just thaw the thing and eat. We also got clementines, which I'm totally crazed over every year. I always forget how great they are.

AND now that BIG purchase of the year!

Yes, it's a giant tv. John picked out a 46inch flat panel LCD tv yesterday. With much joy we loaded this behemoth into his tiny car (actually it didn't fit with the box lid on and they had to cut it off and angle the tv into the back. Yikes). I do have to say it's beautiful. People are almost life sized and things in HD are amazing. I also can't tell you how nice it was to be able to get up and turn on the news to see how the weather was doing. Now we just need some dang tile or carpet and we would almost be living like grown ups!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Funny How Life Is...

So I was browsing the Etsy shop of one of my favorite artist today and noticed something a little strange. This girl. Well her hair. It's my hair. I can't decided which to buy but at only $13 a pop, I might just buy both. She is so beautiful.

Is It Wrong to Lust After A Medicine Cabinet?

Well? I just don't know. I mean today I'm looking at all this wonderful organization stuff, swooning really, and I see this thing. I've got to have one!

And then! Then there's this stuff. I can't help myself. I just love this. It's scary it's going to be the weekend but I've got a feeling I'm gonna get a four pack of Tab Energy and go to town on my house.