Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Nerd in Me Can't Help It

So I'm a checklist maker. Like BIG time. I always have something to take notes in, no matter what. I guess it's because I'm forgetful but also because I have this overwhelming need to be organized. I'm not sure when that started but it's been with me for a long time and it's been both a help and a hindrance at times. The nerd in my just got REALLY excited however to learn that Real Simple online has loads of already done checklists at my fingertips. Plus, you can either scroll down through the list all willie nillie like OORRRRR you can look at them by category. OMG, the geekdom doesn't get much more gitty than this, folks!!! They have everything from cooking, beauty/fashion, to home care. It's genius! (ps, John is making fun of me about how excited I am but really, who cares! This is nerd-vana!)

Check them out at:
Also, the above picture could easily be me, however I wouldn't be wearing a tie. Well and I'm not a boy.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trying Hard...Think, Think, Think

Been trying hard to think of something to talk about other than Hazel and clothes. Pretty much my life at this point though. Here's a little glimpse into my summer so far:

Been doing a lot of this:
Been cooking a lot from this:
Been watchin a lot of this (Hazel loves him):
Been listening to a lot of this:Just started reading this:

So far so good I guess. Life as a stay at home mom isn't terribly exciting to the outside world but we're sure having fun. Hopefully I think of something wise and wonderful to say in this space soon.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Boden

Nobody gets me ready for the coming season like Boden. I just love their clothes! I need to be more adventurous in my clothes. I always tend to pick the boring colors now when I'm actually shopping or no pattern at all. When I shop Boden I always love their bold colors and patterns. Ok, it's settled. More Boden in my life.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Little Love

Love this little bag. If I could convince myself I could somehow use it, I might buy it. I just LOVE it!!! Oh well...
Find it here if you are interested: Lots of other cute stuff to see too...
Dinner tonight with friends. Should be fun. The weekend was nice. Sad it's over but another great week with my little family to come.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I've been taking a little break from this space because well, I haven't had much time to get here and write. We're getting back to normal from all our trips recently (napping schedule, etc). Texas was great. Little was a complete JEWEL the entire time. She rode on the plane fine, slept pretty good, and endured the god awful heat far better than the rest of us (For more photos of that, see my Flickr). She's growin like a little weed. Five months today actually. She's eating cereal now (not loving it but eating it). Also, we're experimenting with baby food. We've tried bananas and carrots so far. She liked them both better than the cereal for sure.

Our summer is going great. Lots to do, as summer often ends up being for everyone. I've found some time for some sewing projects and more on the way. I'm planning a mini redo of Hazel's bedding soon. Can't wait to share some photos here. I've been blessed with some new things recently as well (incredible deal on a Kate Landry tote, new pj pants, metallic sandals). Fun stuff.
Day to day life is pretty much normal but lovely. I love being home, even though some days it's hard. Hard to get motivated to wash yet another load of laundry or whatever. Motivated to play and be the kind of mom I want to be but I've been blessed with very understanding and loving people in my life. Hazel is pretty patient with me and John is extremely long suffering. I always feel like I have a list ten miles long of things I need to do and want to do and need to get. It gets a little overwhelming at times but I love it. At least I'm using up all this energy on what's important, my family.

Hopefully more summer fun and photos soon.