Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We're HERE!!!

Well after an extremely long break that I didn't expect from this space, I'm proud to announce we're arrived safe and sound in sunny San Bruno, CA. It's been a LONG road getting here. Months of waiting, planning, tears, fears, etc. It's all led to this. I'm still pretty covered up in boxes of stuff and mountains of laundry but I'll be here from time to time. Sharing our lives with you again. Hoping not to bore the pants right off you because honestly we're all homebodies that hate going anywhere BUT we've made a promise to ourselves and others that we'll explore, venture out, see the city of San Fran in all it's beauty and ugliness.

Not many photos to share at the moment. Here's John looked and feeling overwhelmed by the pile of boxes. More interesting photos coming soon. Stay tuned...