Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Levels and Blood Draws and Blahdie Blahdie Blahdie

Went to our first doctors appointment today. Went well. Took blood, peed in a cup, took a little exam. The kind of fun stuff you wish you could do everyday. The doc thinks I'm around 6 weeks but will know more tomorrow when they get the blood test results back. She was a touch concerned about some of the symptoms I have had and wants to keep an eye on it. I go back this Thursday so we can do more blood work to make sure my HCG levels (the little thing in my blood that tells them I'm prego and how far along) are going up instead of down. Then we do our sonogram on Monday. Overall I'm pretty happy. The doctor was nice and didn't make me feel rushed in asking questions. I also got this awesome swag bag with all sorts of magazines, fun gift-y things and such. I can't wait to bust all that out tonight. I also plan to REST tonight. Like not do anything but rest and read. We'll see what really ends up happening though.

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