Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hot Off The Press

Baby Will after his bath. Last night was the most time we've been able to spend with Will since he arrived on this earth. He wasn't sleepy for a really long time and we got to hang out and play. He's such a little joy and getting to that stage where he thinks everything is funny. We just sat and listened to him talk to himself in his crib on the monitor at one point. Seeing Tiff and Dave is always such fun to. They are really our only married friends. Well I guess that we are both friends with. We all get along so well and have a great mature friends relationship with them. They are great people. Tiffany looked the best I've seen her last night since Will came along. She really looked beautiful. I'm so glad to know them. We actually went to their house to help Dave put up some new light fixtures in their house. It was a fun night of sitting around with flash lights making jokes about the boys.

Today looks to be boring. I've not got a ton of work to do and I'm sleepy from getting home late. I've got my trusty Starbucks though to pull me through.

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