Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So Here I Am

Well if I truly am just five weeks along. The baby is the size of a sesame seed and is forming it's heart chambers and will get it's heart beat this week. Amazing for something so small. I for some reason think I'm farther. More like eight. We'll see on Tuesday. It's my first official doctors appointment. This all started with a few moments of "morning sickness" and an intense craving for hot wings. I hate hot wings. Well I used to hate them. Now I love them and can't get enough. I went off birth control about three months ago now. We figured it would take a little bit and so I wasn't concerned with the strange changes in my body because I figured they all had to do with my body getting back to normal from the bc. Wow. Not so. We took the test Father's Day night. At around 10:15pm. Was shocked to see that plus sign and still feel a little shocked. I find myself forgetting at times and then I remember and the shock of it all sets in again for a few minutes. Weird. Got my "What the heck do to" books Monday night. I've been reading bits and pieces of them both the last few days. So much interesting information. Tons of things I never knew. I'm also keeping a hand written journal just for myself. How I'm feeling, new changes in my body and questions for the doctor. Lord this is weird! Poor John is trying to quit smoking. Even before we were married we made a deal that if I ever got pregnant he would quit smoking. I'm so proud of him for keeping up his end of the bargain. We're both gonna be a little crabby for a bit but we'll make it. I'm already starting with the strange food things. Last night I ate hummus, pickles, chips and salsa for dinner. Then I decided that I really wanted some sauteed vegetables. I was craving zucchini. I hate zucchini. Didn't have one and was to tired to go the the store. Ended up making sauteed onion and mushrooms with just a touch of spices. Man was it good.

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