Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Typical Me

In typical me fashion, I'm thinking ahead. Like way ahead. Like I've got dang near nine months to figure out that babies room and I'm already thinking about it. Dwell Studios is doing this thing with Target lately. Some really cute baby things there at great prices. Since I don't know the sex of our baby yet (and sadly won't for a bit) I can't really go out and get that stuff before it's gone. So I went out to their site today to just see what they had going. OMG!!!
Love the stripes on the last one. That's would be so cute for a girl I think. As you all know, I'm not into pink or girly things, so this is just the right amount of cute and girly.
I have a few room ideas that I'm kicking around. Some things I'm excited about. Not like I don't have time to change my mind though. I'm sure I will. I'm guessing more than once...

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