Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Kicks

Meet my new Merrell's. They are for our camping trip that is rapidly approaching. It's kinda sneaking up on me now that my focus has been diverted to baby town lately. These sandals are really comfortable and kinda cute.

Today is going by quickly at work and I'm glad. I've had some meetings and went to lunch with a friend. Also, saw another friend who lent me a baby names book that she used. The thought of names and cribs and room colors is so overwhelming right now to me. I have a ton of time for that stuff it seems like but then it also feels like I need to rush and figure them out. You know, so I can have a plan. I'm big on havin a plan.

Tonight I plan to clean out my closet. I have thing so jumbled in there it's amazing I can find matching shoes in the morning. Nothing else really exciting going on per say.

Here is the crib and bedding I'm really liking today.

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