Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend was so so. We didn't do a lot and that's ok. Monday came to fast, as always. I did get a lot of work done yesterday and it felt great. Things have been a little slow at work lately with people on vacation and such. Things will surely pick up though.
Last week I fell in love with the chicken wraps the cafe makes here at work. I eat one two days in a row but alas they are bad for me because the chicken is fried and the ranch sauce is fattening. I decided to start making healthier wraps from home for my lunches. Yesterday's was awesome and I know today's will be even better. I'm excited to actually find something that I can make at home and bring that I love so much. Also I love that it's pretty much endless as far as what I put in them. I always struggle with lunch options at work. I'm also trying extra hard to focus on eating more fruit, veggies and taking my vitamins on a regular basis. I've also been doing my trim and tone work out dvd pretty regular. I did go for a run over the weekend that resulted in my hurting my foot. I'm not sure if it's my running shoes or what. I'm thinking maybe running isn't for me. I dunno. John and I have talked about getting bikes, which would be marvelous exercise as well. I'm hoping to start shopping for those soon.
Not much else going on in my world at this second. Maybe more from me later...

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