Monday, June 23, 2008

Turns Out, I Love It

This weekend seemed to go by rather quickly. Friday night we helped a friend paint and had a lot of fun doing so. He new house is turning out lovely and I can't wait to see it all done. Saturday I spend the day with Granny. We drove out to Legends shopping in KS and found some great summer clothes for her AND went to a baby store. Found some of the cutest and ugliest baby things I've ever seen. We also went to a couple furniture stores in which I swiftly bought us some new dishes, glassware and other general kitchen gadgetry. Sunday we did necessity shopping followed up by a nap. We then helped Gran put together her new bedding which was rather complicated in the fact that we had to cut the bed skirt and measure and staple it to the bed rails about a thousand times. Of course the bed wasn't going to cooperate, so we had to take it all apart. In the end, it looked great and she's happy with it. That's all I care about, really. We made a nice pasta dinner and take a slow walk with the dogs. I have to say I'm beat tired today though. Tonight we're heading back over to Gran's for a dinner party with some people she knows from the UK office. She's got them amazing menu planned. I'm excited to eat, as always! Also, got the vacation dilemma all settled. We're doing two days in KC. Monday Gran and I are going to do something special, Tue I'm going to relax and get us packed up, Wed heading down to the lake to hang out with Mom & Gary for the next four days. Also our girls are getting fixed during that time. I'm nervous. My babies are going under the knife! We plan to do all things relaxing but also I'm excited to do somethings summery. Hopefully swim, ride in the ranger, go to some junk shops, eat ice cream, watch fireworks, make smores, sleep in.

Also today, here are some things I'm totally loving:

Love this cookbook and love this chef. Jamie's fun to watch and fun to read. He also makes some really fantastic things in this book. I keep thinking about it today.

Summer weight down alternative comforter I'm getting ready to buy. Love the color and love the summer weight version.

Peonies. The only pink anything worth my time and love. I love love love these things. Someday when I build a house out in the country I'm going to plant a ton of these in this dark pink outside my kitchen window so I can smell them while I do dishes.
The Weepies newest CD-Hideaway. Anytime I ever hear these songs in my future, I will forever be reminded of being newly pregnant. I'm listening to this pretty much non stop. It's mellow but fun. Very cool for summer.
Last but not least. Propel fitness water. Sounds dorky I know but good. I'm adoring the Lemon and Kiwi/Strawberry flavors lately. They have a ton more to try. Just the right amount of sweetness but still thirst quenching at the same time. It's not bubbly which I thought I might hate but turn out, I love.

More tomorrow. I'll try and get some pics of our new dishes and such for you. I'm super excited to get them in the cabinets. Also, dinner party photos to come too!

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