Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Getting older is weird. I mean I'm at that stage in my life where I'm aware that I'm not the target audience anymore. I'm finding most of the magazines I look at seem to be for women who are single and with no kids. I find almost all of the tv I see features people younger than me doing stupid things I would never think to have done. It's weird this getting older thing. Sometimes I'm slightly upset about it. Not because I want to be forever porcelain skinned and on the cutting edge of fashion but because it's sometimes unsettling to realize you aren't cool in the eyes of the younger generation anymore. They look at you as an old person. I find myself changing my magazines, music, movies, tv, clothing and skin care. I find myself obsessing over vacuum cleaners and foundation that matches my every changing skin. I wonder if that will get worse once I have a baby. I bet so. I'm handling this strange new world ok overall. I'm having luck finding things that appeal to the new old me. It's weird though, like getting to know a new friend. John I'm sure thinks I'm out of my mind because this topic comes up with great frequency around our house. I'm just trying to process you know. Someday's I'm ok with the 25 year old me. Someday's she's weird, awkward and totally emotional. It's like I'm a split personality all the sudden. Anyway, this to will pass.

Going tonight to see our friends Tiffany and Dave. Excited to play with Will again. Always excited to play with Will.

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