Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Breaking Down, Maybe

So I realized over the weekend that this music festival/camping trip John and I have had planned for a while is coming up in less than 30 days. If you know me, you know I'm a planner and to think about life without having a plan makes me nervous. Makes me clutch tighter to my list making notebook and count to ten. Lucky for me way back when we talked about going but hadn't yet really decided, I made a list. A pretty good list too. I've been hangin on to it since then. Today I pulled it out and got serious. Printed off all the needed info to get us there, what we do once we get there, scouted us a camp site, etc. I'm now, as always, trying to think through what clothes we should be taking. What things do I need to get? It's gonna be wicked hot but when we were there last time it turned off really cold on night and we nearly froze our butts off. I also got a pretty bad blister on my foot last time too. I'm trying to think through sensible but cute footwear. Flip flops are often not a good idea because of mud and such. I'm thinking maybe these...

Oh my lord, they're crocs. I'm almost ashamed of myself but they do fit the need that I have. Super comfy (from all the reviews I've read), waterproof, sensible (besides being crocs) and the strap over my foot should keep these on my feet. I'm thinking the red makes the most sense for me because everything else is like purple or pink. Yuck.

Overall I'm really excited for this trip. I haven't been to this festival for about six or seven years. Amazing how time flys. My favorite part (besides the music) is all the people watching. John and I both love to people watch and this festival is the ultimate in people watching.

I would also be lying if I didn't tell you that I'm a little excited to set up a mini house for a week. It's almost like playing house but better. I'm thinking through all the things we will need and want to have. It's a great challenge for my virgo brain to work on these days.

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