Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Back in Bidness

After being sick for what seemed like months, I'm back. I'm almost perfectly normal. Still a little cough but nothing like it was. I've never in all my life had a cough that bad. I'm glad it's over. When I saw the doctor last week it turned out I had a viral infection. He gave me all kinds of meds and a wicked strong antibiotic. Knocked it out cold.

I've worked from home a few days. Friday I was home and online but slept most of the day because I hadn't been able to sleep for coughing the night before. Saturday John worked and I rested. Sunday, We slept late, did house/yard work and shopped a little. I got some good things for summer. I realized that the heat was here and I wasn't ready. I bough a few summer weight pairs of pants, a brown jersey dress, and three summer works tops. I also scored an amazing deal on some Calvin Klein heels to wear with this brown dress. Notice that they are not four inch heels. I'm trying to be more grown.
Yesterday, I worked from home because our bedroom furniture was being delivered. It got here all in one piece and we've moved it all into the room but I'm still trying to decide about the arrangement. Pictures to come later on the bedroom stuff. Last night I also managed to make a great dinner. Broiled skirt steak with chili rubbed roasted potatoes & a fresh cherry, peach and blueberry pie. Man was it all tasty. I love to cook but normally don't go to a huge amount of trouble because I hate to do dishes. I laid down my laziness mantel for one night though.
Today is supposed to be hot. Like really hot hot hot. I'm looking forward to it just because I love to feel that heat when I come out of the air conditioned building.

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