Monday, July 07, 2008

Eggs Are From Satan!

I'm back home and near my pc to actually write about things. The last few days have been nice. I took the entire week off last week. Monday I had a nice "girls day" with Gran. We did various things around town. That afternoon John and I had our first sonogram of the baby. Turns out we're due on Feb 22nd. That makes me seven weeks and one day today. Once I figure out how to get this picture of the little dot online, I'll post it.

Tuesday I slept in and did laundry all day. We packed up and headed out on Wed for the lake/mom's house. It was so nice and relaxing there. I feel like all I did for five days is sleep, eat and go to the bathroom. We did do more than that but I started getting "morning sickness" mid week and was trying to get used to how that feels and what I need to do to counter act it. I've also gained super human strength smell power and can smell nasty stuff for ten miles away. Also, eggs are my new enemy. I can even stand the think about them let alone see, smell or eat them! OMG. I've been eating REALLY bland things lately because it seems like it's the only things that sound ok to eat. Nothing sounds good. Toast, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, cereal. I've also been drinking a lot of milk and got some awesome apple juice last night. It was nice to see Mom and Gary. We had a nice time just hanging out with them. We shot off fireworks on Saturday night. John did a great display for us. We also cooked and walked and rode the ranger around their land. We laughed and talked and basically, relaxed. It was awesome.
Coming back to work felt strange. Like I'd been away for so long. Putting on heels and make up felt weird too.

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Kate (Cathy) Johnson said...

Been thinking about you, sweetie, and wondering how it was going! Sorry about the morning sickness...but hope your other weird symptoms have all gone away.

Joseph got here Saturday night, and it's been lovely but crazed ever since. The movers are bringing his stuff tomorrow, and of course the house is nowhere near ready--we'll just pile it!

The kitties spend the first few hours hissing and growling at eachother, but everybody's cool now...

Looking forward to seeing your dad!