Monday, June 23, 2008


So nesting is a funny thing. I never really believe it was real, just pressure pregnant ladies feel to get their house in order before their little one shows up. Not so. I've this OVERWHELMING urge to homey up our home. I mean I'm excited about shower curtains and towels for heaven's sake. I'm drooling over new organic cotton sheets and funky silverware. I'm wanting to spend days at home just organizing drawers and cabinets. Throwing stuff away and cleaning dust bunnies out from under the bed and couch. I'm crazed! Here are some of my pics today for our house. I think I'm coming into my own on this "my style" thing. John and I both love simply unique things with modern/retro touches. As he says "Things that look like space!". Almost everything in our house says that about us. I thought for some time I needed to grow up and form this more sophisticated style but now realize that really, it's who we are and I need to just run with it. I love brown. I love green, aqua and orange. AND I happen to love them all together. Sigh of relief.

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