Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Journaling and Other Randomness

I haven't kept a honest to goodness journal in ages it seems like. Today while searching through some old files I came across a ton of journal entries I wrote back in 04 & 05. I found one for today's date and I thought it would be fun to read what I was up to three years ago today. It was odd. It was one of those entries where you realize something about your life or just life in general that is still with you 3 years later. Strange feeling.

Yesterday marked the official "My Skin is So Dry I Want to Scratch it OFF" season. It's always interesting the places I get super super dry skin. This year it seems to be the middle of my forehead. I can't stop itching.

Lately I'm excited about cozy things. Like Land's End puffy vests and The Company Store's down robes. I get this way each year. I hit this wall where cuteness kinda goes out the window and being warm becomes the most important. I ordered catalogs for both stores yesterday and I'm sure I'll have some fun picking out all the new house stuff I would buy in a perfect world. I think however, I will be buying that down filled robe because seriously it's like my bedding with sleeves. That's awesome!

I'm also in a throwing/giving things away mood. I think I might try to start going through some of the stuff in my closet tonight. I want so badly for that tiny little cubby to be organized and functional but no dice, so far.

I'm thinking about Christmas cookies today too. I'm going to be baking a huge batch for the guys at John's work. Something about making them just makes me happy. I guess it's the idea of actually being prepared for Christmas for once in our lives that makes me smile more than anything. We aren't however prepared but the idea is nice.

Also, as you can tell my mind is all over today. So my apologies on the completely scattered post. OH! I've been meaning to tell everyone that Taco Bueno has landed just a few short blocks away from my house. Now in the dead of wintery cold John won't have to drive all the way to Parkville to get my bean burrito & queso dip. OMG. I just ate lunch, am full and it still sounds good.

Hopefully my mind will be back to normal soon and I can post something decent that people would actually want to read. Till then, Ta!

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