Thursday, December 13, 2007

Foggy Brain

So the foggy brain from this morning still lives on this afternoon. I did just received a HUGE white chocolate mocha from my great friend Jen who runs the cafe here. She treats me sometimes and God love her, today I really needed it. Just look at how dang messy my desk is. I typically run a super tight ship around here. It's the FOG! I have managed to get a few things done though in between my sneezing. I think maybe I have a sinus infection. My nose feels are dry and on fire inside. I need a humidifier for my desk. I bet people around here wouldn't like the vapo steam though. People here are like that.
Tonight I start the great cookie bake of 2007. Several dozen homemade cookies for the guys at John's work. I hope all goes well. Lucky for us today the snow/ice is melting off. It was pretty while it was here but I'm not sad to see it go. Saturday it will be back. I like at least one day of sun a week. Makes me feel human.
Just a quick Will Hansen update. Baby Willie will be here tomorrow around 6am! Mom and Dad are home preparing today for they new little guy to arrive. Hopefully pictures to come soon. Tiffany (A great friend of mine from work) has had a pretty great pregnancy considering how those things sometimes go. It's their first and boy is he bound to be cute. I can wait to see his little face.
The house is coming along also. It's so fun because it's starting to really feel like we give a crap about this place. Even with no carpet the living room looks so good with the new tree and the new tv. The bookshelf and all it's organization has really helped a lot too. I'm thinking about going after the rest of the spare room and my clothes closet (which yes I know, we discussed me doing this already BUT I didn't...). Maybe Saturday while it's snowing. We'll see. This coffee must be kicking in because I haven't felt like doing anything all day and now I'm thinking about ripping up the house! Maybe the sun AND the coffee.
Happy Thursday! One more brutal work day left for the week!

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