Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lovely Day

I've decided today is a lovely day. I've gotten a ton of work done despite my lack of enthusiasm towards doing so, I've got on an outfit that makes me feel cute, AND I just got an extremely thoughtful and wonderful gift from my best friend Alison, whom I love with all my heart. We went to a craft fair together and I love this charm/pendant but didn't bring my wallet because I KNEW I would want something. So I didn't get it and was sad. Well she snuck back over there and nabbed it for my Christmas gift. She's such a keeper!

As you can see it's two sided and lovely. It couldn't be more perfect for me, really. My love for my initial AND birds is getting totally ridiculous these days. I've got to get a chain for it but can't decided what length. I also got a really great smelling Yankee candle.

This photo from the other night is when I missed summer and summer shoes. I put on my yellow flats with grey capri pants and proceeded to do house cleaning in them. Well I got cold and had to take them off but it was fun while it lasted. Boy my legs are white!

Also, today I'm wearing my new "locket". It's just a cheapy one from Target but I love it. It's been named The Flava Flav by Alison and John thinks I look a little like Run DMC but I don't care. I like it because it's big and exaggerated.

What else for today? Oh! John is home sick. I think with the flu. I'm hoping it doesn't hang on till Christmas. He's never really sick but when he gets it, he get it. Maybe homemade chicken soup would do the trick. Hmmm... we'll see.

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