Friday, December 14, 2007

Today's Favorite Things...

So Oprah always does this favorite things around the holidays. I mean I don't watch her show anymore but I know these kinds of things you know. Anyway, I thought I had to share some of the things I was crushing on lately with you.

This Nike women's sport watch is awesome. I love the navy but also the wide band. This would be great for a casual weekend watch or working out.

This LeSport Sac travel tote is perfect for weekend trips, going out to the beach or even just for carrying groceries. I love the print on this one. Kinda girly but not to much pink for me.

Next we have this grey hooded sweater. I have a sweatshirt version at home that I wear so much but it's not really suited for going out to a casual dinner or anything. This one is dressy enough but still casual at the same time. I love the buttons.

And who could live without a good pair of big legged jeans?! I'm totally in love with these for two reasons. One being the color. It's not tradition denim and two being the sailor buttons. I used to have a pair of black wool sailor pants. I loved them. I have NO clue where they went or why in the world I would have gotten rid of them. Stupid in my youth. I got rid of many a good clothing staple in my day. Silly me.

So now we come to the shoes. You knew it was coming. This look like they would be super cute with these jeans and that sweater.

I also am in total love with these tees. They are soft, come in a ton of colors and I love the sleeve length. I for some reason love this color called Lava.

And now! The thing I love the most today (besides my husband, family and little baby animals)...

It's. It's. It's just so dang pretty. I know. You're looking at the above bag and thinking "Eww" but I love it and plan to go TONIGHT and look at it. Most likely buy it. I've been searching for a light brown leather bag for ages now it seems. This one is reasonably priced and looks as though it would do what I need. We'll see how it all works out.

Funny to me how I've totally become a jeans and t shirt girl. I never was before. I love them now though. LOVE THEM. Old Navy is maybe my favorite place to shop. Almost always cute stuff in stock and the sales can't be beat. For casual wear my money is on them.

So real life stuff. Hm. I made three dozen peanut butter cookies last night and decided to stop. I've got loads more to make tonight. I hope the day at work goes by fast for me. I'm ready to get home. Well get to the hospital to see Baby Will, got to Old Navy to look at my bag AND then go home. The sun is actually shining here right this second but two to four inches of powdery white stuff will roll in tonight. I love to watch it snow though. Mostly when I don't have to go to work the next day. Yay for Me!!!

Also, meet Cute & Cute...

They both look like I caught them in the middle of something private don't they?

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