Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes in my job I'm asked to do impossible things. Like book a flight that doesn't exist or find a hotel room in a sold out city. Sometimes that stresses me out and sometimes it doesn't. Today I'm feeling the former. Just so you know. ;)

Here's a goofy little photo of me. I'm so in love with my new necklace charm. I think it's rather nice. I might put it on a beaded strand but I can't decide yet.
It feels like Friday here. So many people have tomorrow off. I work for sales people though and Christmas is the last thing on their minds. It's END OF QUARTER! Da Da Da! Everyone is out and about selling our stuff. God bless them their tryin. I did get a lovely box of chocolates from Andres today from on of my Directors. I thought she didn't like me that much, guess I was wrong. I also was approached about something really scary to me. Added a few more execs to my already full plate. Not just execs that don't need anything. Execs that can't do anything with out the help of an admin. I'm thinking and praying that's not headed my way for real. My head will explode!
I'm getting excited for Christmas now. Bout time, right! I talked to Gran today from Germany and for some reason that got me excited about it. We talked over the menu for Christmas dinner and presents still yet to be purchased. Tonight I'm going over to set up her lovely tree. I'm sure I'll take pics. She has such beautiful colors going on with the ornaments and the lights. I can't wait to see it again. Family coming over, I'm in charge of desserts and presents (which I'm looking forward to giving John his this year). Only one hour, fifteen minutes and one day from Christmas break!!!

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