Tuesday, December 18, 2007

She's A Bloody Genius!

So I just talked to a friend who looked calm and rested. I asked her if she was ready for the holidays and she replied that she was completely done. Nothing left to do. "Huh? What? I must have been mistaken because...hhhh, I thought I heard you say you were completely done." Blank stare on my face. She giggled and said she's done all her shopping online for the last five years. She sits down day after Thanksgiving, makes a list and gets it all done in one shot. "Wwwwhat?" Next year I'm so doing that! Getting the cards done early, getting the gifts bought online and wrapped way before the big day. I'm gonna decorate the heck out of the house and totally make a ton of candy & cookies to give away. This year however I'm here at almost the end of the race without the majority of my shopping done, not maybe cookies made but at least we have the tree up. Oh and the lights on the house (which btw, I would like to tell my husband how very thankful I am that he put those lights out in the freezing cold. He's my favorite). I've got a TON to do and not lots of time to do it in. Great.

Today my inspiration seems to be these three images I keep looking at over and over. I'm not sure why.

The bag is just an old navy canvas bag but I love it. I actually ordered it yesterday. I can't wait for it to get here. The current bag I carry is just so silly. It's big enough for all the stuff I wanna carry but at the same time it only has one handle, so I can't really dig in it while on the move. Not good.

The pink cupcakes? Well I dunno. I love cupcakes and I think I might be warming to light pink on things like cupcakes. Makes them seem sweeter and more romantic. Maybe that doesn't make sense.

The print is from the wonderful brain behind The Black Apple who has an amazing Etsy shop.


Her paintings are so wonderful and I aim to have at least five in my house.

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