Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cozy for 36 Points!!!

So John and I haven't been up to much lately. Seeing Baby Will was the highlight of our weekend really. It's always nice to spend time together doing nothing much though. We talked a lot about babies. Imagine. Who knows if we're ready yet or not. I'm not rushing even though everyone I see is cuter than the one before. Seriously, this can't be happening to me. ME.
John and I have developed a love however for the game of Scrabble. We played Sunday night and then again last night. I of course lost both time but the score was a lot closer last night than before. I'm getting better. My red letter word last night was cozy for 36 points. It was a beautiful thing. Sunday night John and I laughed and laughed (ok I laughed and John sneered at me) when I laid down "donut". Now, I'm aware now that doughnut isn't spelled "donut" but at the time it made wonderful sense and I had the letters, I mean why not?! Also, scrabble isn't always very nice to you. For instance last night at one time I had two e's, three i's, and two blanks on my tile holder. What the crap am I suppose to do with that?! Really though, the game is very fun, even if I do lose every time.

Progress on the house slowly but surely is coming along. Last night I packed away all my summer clothes and shoes. Getting organized is such fun!

More later...

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