Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Weekend Stuff

So we all were bracing for this super storm that was suppose to rip through for days and cover us with sleet, ice and snow. We got a little ice at our house but mostly it's just slushy. Sadly. Today we are still getting rain and lots of it but it's 34 out and not looking like it's going to drop anytime soon. I was hoping for a short day at work. All the schools are out though, so most of my people are home with their kids.

We did some purchasing over the weekend. Some was planned, some was not. All of it good though.

Got this on sale AND it was the last one. It seems huge to us being 7.5 ft. We're used to a little 3 ft one. The lights are LED and are so bright that you literally can't look straight at the tree for any period of time. John loves it.

We got a new "bookshelf". It's a industrial strength unit. Each shelf can hold up to 600 pounds. This is actually our second one. We got one for the laundry room a few weeks ago. Sirius decided that he has a new look out point.

I made some chicken and dumplings too this weekend. They were oh so tasty and I had enough left over to freeze some for later. I've gotten in this freezing food kick. It's nice thought because I come home and we just thaw the thing and eat. We also got clementines, which I'm totally crazed over every year. I always forget how great they are.

AND now that BIG purchase of the year!

Yes, it's a giant tv. John picked out a 46inch flat panel LCD tv yesterday. With much joy we loaded this behemoth into his tiny car (actually it didn't fit with the box lid on and they had to cut it off and angle the tv into the back. Yikes). I do have to say it's beautiful. People are almost life sized and things in HD are amazing. I also can't tell you how nice it was to be able to get up and turn on the news to see how the weather was doing. Now we just need some dang tile or carpet and we would almost be living like grown ups!

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