Monday, October 01, 2007

Relaxing Weekends Are Nice

Friday night we just sat around and watched movies till late. John had to work the next day and needed some down time. Saturday he left early and I slept in. I won't say till when cuz he might be mad. He got up terribly early. Once I got up though I decided to stay in bed and read. Then I got up an showered, ate some cereal and read. Went outside, cleaned up in the yard and read. Made a grocery list, changed my clothes and read some more. I was reading various books but all to help inspire/teach me how to live/run a house properly. Whatever I've been doing isn't working. We never seem to have groceries lately or homecooked meals. We never seem to have a chair that doesn't have something filling it's cushion and we certainly haven't had a made bed in ages. So I'm ready to turn over a new leaf. I said to myself "Self, If you can't keep this small house clean, how in the world to you expect to keep a bigger house clean?!" So I figure I better spent the rest of our time in this house proving to myself and my family that I CAN make a house a home. Not make us live like college kids anymore. Plus, I plan to do a lot of eco friendly goodness coming up soon as well. I was reading Danny Seo's Conscious Living book the most on Saturday and he's so right. So much of the stuff we have is good stuff but if we aren't using it, give it to someone who can. Repurpose things you own or reuse whatever you can. Be conscious about how you live. I love the idea. John isn't the most excited about all this but still supportive (as a good husband should be. He is a great one btw). More to follow on that I'm sure.

So Sunday we slept in a little. Got up and I made breakfast for the first time and I can't remember. Muffins, Eggs, Bacon and Coffee. Amazing. I decided the night before while at the grocery store to get stuff to make a stew and put it in the crock pot. How very Sunday June Clever was I?! Anyway I got this ready and took off. We did loads of stuff over the course of the day. Rearranged the living room furniture, picked up parts of the house, did dishes, gathered laundry, tried fixing the porch light. We ended up being at Patti's house till midnight doing laundry and watching Bear Grylls eat grubs. Love Sunday Nights.

In other news, I've decided to make a commitment starting today to get healthier. I am a subscriber of SELF magazine as you all know. I talk about it on a regular basis because it's pretty inspirational in my life. I read a lot of really cool and helpful information there but never seem to do anything with what I've learned. That stops now. I've chosen one of the SELF plans and I'm bound and determined to make it work. They help you with eating plans (This morning I made a berry protein smoothie for breakfast) and give you a workout to follow. You can also record and track your progress online at their site. So cool. Anyway, I've also decided to start taking the stairs at work. I may have mentioned this last week but I'm just so proud of myself for doing it. It's a small thing but it's something. I also plan to start walking at least 30 minutes a night and then MAYBE if I can (don't wanna jinx it) do my really great exercises pilates video once or twice a week. That will help me tone. I'm actually pretty pumped about this thing. I've gone into trying to do something like this discouraged or dreading it in times past. I'm not expecting to lose x amount of weight in x time. I'm just taking it slow. Maybe I'll shock myself. This morning I took a snapshot of myself in my bra and underwear in the mirror. It's the before. It's to keep me motivated to keep going because I feel uncomfortable about my body. I feel uncomfortable about how tight my clothes are and how I feel like I giggle when I walk. Now I know I hear you all rolling your eyes or yelling into the computer. Being mad at me for being down on myself. People, what you don't understand is that if I don't get a handle on the 20 pounds I've gained in the past two years, that number will continue to grow. Don't think of it as a diet (I'm not depriving myself of nourishment or nutrients) but simply a more mindful way of living, eating and thinking. Day 1....

Ok. More on the agenda for today's post. John and I have been working on this screen. I think I mentioned that last week too. We finished it this weekend and the before and afters are great. Also, I picked some sedum out of the yard this weekend and made some little bud vases full for the kitchen. Something about flowers in the kitchen make me happy.

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