Friday, October 12, 2007

Almost Time to Go!!!

Very near to the end of the day for me. I just got all my important work done for the week. Only two little straggler projects to go on Monday.

This week has just be murderous and I'm so glad it's over. I'm ashamed to say I've consoled myself with chocolate just a few times this week but it always makes thing so much better. Seems like at least. Our huge annual conference for clients here at work kicked off Sunday and then yesterday we had a massive everyone meeting at Kemper. I volunteered to help with both events and man did I have my work cut out for me!

John works tomorrow, so who knows what we will end up doing tonight. Tomorrow I have loads of stuff I want to do. Who knows what I'll actually do though.
Gran comes home tomorrow. She will actually be in the air almost all day and not get in till eight-ish at night. Sunday we'll hit the ground running because we've got the Texas Twin Tornado's (as John calls them) rolling into town on Monday. That's right! Gaga and Sharon will arrive sometime Monday morning and be here until the following Monday. Also, Jerry and Kathy are going to join us in KC. Should be loads of fun. I have this coming Thur and Fri off to hang with them AND I think mom is coming up for a brief portion. Should be a wild and crazy time for all.

Confession time. I broke down today. Broke. Down. I was doing so good on this not buying/shopping thing but then, yesterday my friend Wendy had this catalog at her desk and it had some OH SO CUTE things in it. I do need some new things for work because it's getting chilly and I seem to not have as many sweaters and my mind remembers. So I got these ON SALE:

I plan to wear both of these like crazy because I mean did you see the cuteness? Seriously. I'm toying with the idea of pants making. One of my "projects" for tomorrow. I have the fabric and I love it but I get this fabric cutting freight, if you will. I get right to the brink and then can't cut it because what if I jack it up? Well I've got to get over that. I think the two purchases were actually rather smart and versatile. I do want to go to some thrift shops soon to scope out some old time wool skirts or maybe some great stroke of luck would give me a fitted camel trench coat. But really what are the odds huh? We'll see...

Happy Weekend to All!

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