Friday, October 05, 2007


So today was my doctors appointment for this stupid chest pain thing I've been having for ages. I was nervous but figured they would tell me it was some sort of pulled muscle or something. I walked out with three bottles of pills and a order for a chest x-ray. Big huge Ibuprofen. 800 mils, three times a day. Some kind of muscle relaxers that I'm only suppose to take at night because they will make me sleepy and apparently I have a UTI. I would have thought I would have been aware of that before someone else but I guess not. So I'm suppose to do this chest Xray soon too. Kinda don't know how I feel about it. Maybe just a little numb at this point. I've always been the person who thought things far worse were wrong with me than always ended up being true but this time I went into it thinking it wouldn't be anything and it might be something. Funny how that works. AND that I have this mystery UTI. weird.

Also for a bit of happiness today (Since it is Friday AND we got to wear jeans to work AND it's payday), here are some things I love today:

I normally HATE pink anything and everything but today hating pink seems trivial and stupid. I love the color of this cupcake stand and I love the cupcakes. I think I need one to cheer me up just a little.

I love these boots. I can't decide if their to cowboy for dresses but I love the low heel and the not round but not pointy toe. I think they would be nice with tights and a skirt but I dunno. Either way, I can't buy them because I'm refashioning my wardrobe. Maybe the thrifting gods will smile on me sometime soon and bring me a pretty pair of black boots.

And this place, I want it at my house. Or a house like it that will be mine someday. I love screened in porches. Always have. I want a place to sit, read and just look out into the outside. Someday.

TTFN Kids! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I hope to have the time of my life at the Ren Fest tomorrow. Hopefully funny pics of John will follow.


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