Friday, October 26, 2007

Nighthawk Black Pearl

Meet John's new car. I will get pictures of his with his this weekend. We pick it up tonight. Seriously, the Fit is Go.

So the last few days have been decent. Working on getting all my computer stuff back to normal. Still can't figure out how to get my windows BIG.

Today my entire floor of people moves to another floor and I will be pretty much all alone for a bit of time. Maybe a few weeks but still. It's sad. I like being around people. Having people to talk to. I've missed that since being in this new job. Good thing however is that I might be able to leave early today because there isn't anyone here for me to support.

Got some house stuff done the other day. Doing tiny house projects makes us feel good. Put on the kitchen cabinet hardware. I like it. It's weird having knobs now after not having them for two years.

Just realized this picture is upside down but you get the idea. Simple. That's what we like.

Also, got a wonderful anniversary present from Patti over the last weekend.

Medium size LeCreuset cook pot. I chose the orange because I wanted something completely stand out from all my other things. Plus, it's their original color. You know how I am about vintage-y goodness. It's the perfect size to cook everything in. I've decided I could pretty much live with three pans. I totally don't use the others I have. I can't WAIT to make white chicken chili in this thing. Maybe this weekend.

Went home last night and Yorda had thrown up in the crate. So I was in the midst of cleaning that up when I looked down and her and realized her little muzzle was all swollen. On closer inspection I realized she had big red puffy bumps all over her head. I freaked as any good mother would do and rushed her to the vet (which thank god they were still open and willing to take her without an appointment). She had hives and the doc has no idea why. Neither do I and frankly it stresses me out to no end not knowing what it was that caused it. So after much poking and prodding she got two shots and a little bottle of pills. Got her home and she just itched like crazy. She I wrapped her up in my robe and held her. I looked down at her later and her face was all swollen again but much worse this time. Her eyes, ears, nose, head and back were covered in these big bumps and swollen something terrible. I burst out into tears because I felt so bad for her and she looked so sad. Weirdest thing though, two minutes later the swelling went down. Gone as fast as it came. This morning she is back to normal. Ate fine, looks fine but still acting a little sick. At least she isn't throwing up though. I'm worried it's the cat. I'm worried he's traumatizing her in some way and making this happen. Today I separated them to see what happens.

So ready for the weekend. Feels unreal that it's already here. Weeks in this job seem to fly by and I'm not sure why. I'm not super super busy here but for some reason the days go by faster than they used to. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

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