Tuesday, October 16, 2007

House Pictures Update

So I finally remembered the camera today and so I have shots of the half done bedroom. I will have more as more gets done. This week things are kinda on hold due to the Texas Tornado's being in town.

So here is the bed. Homemade headboard up, new sheets and my vintage sheet pillow to accent. We're going to get new bed side somethings. We don't really want tables because we just pile stuff on them. We're thinking maybe small cubes hung on the wall. Also, we purchased new wall mounted lamps but those aren't up yet.

New curtains. On clearance and Pier 1. Also, new chair. Not on clearance but from Pier 1 as well. I wanted something small but comfy and airy. This is perfect. John loves to sit in it each morning to put his boots on. Also, we're placed the family cedar chest at the end of the bed. I'm going to strip it and repaint it but I can't decide what color yet.

Last but not least is the organization of my vanity/the top of the dresser. I have this super cool wooden tray that all my stuffs sit nicely piled on. These flowers were just so pretty but alas didn't last very long. Sad.

Leaving work shortly to head over to Gran's house. Tonight some old friends are stopping by for dinner. Should be a great time. Weather is getting cooler here. I thought I was ready but then realized, now that it's arrived, that I'm not. John and I rushed into Target last night and snapped up a few long sleeved shirts a piece and hurried home to get under the three blankets on the bed.

Today I've been blessed with steady work to do all day. Three of my four execs thing I'm the best thing that's happen to them in a long while and the other guy is just nuts. She however is going on sabbatical soon and I'll have a vacation from her for an entire month. I'll be a bit spoiled I think.

What else? I'm looking for a new work handbag/tote. I'm wanting something brown and bigish. I looked at one last night at Target and liked it but decided not to get it because I wasn't totally in LOVE with it. I know at some point there is bound to be shopping in my future this week. I might find something else then.

In other news, Yorda is really really cute.

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