Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sadness and No More Water Drinking...

Yesterday the worst possible thing happend. Well not the worst but pretty close. My computer at work crashed and now all my family photos are gone. Anything I've snapped in the last three months is gone. I had such a wonderful picture of John and I from this weekend that I could wait to show you but now it's gone. I seriously almost cried this morning. Also, my music files are completely gone as well. Our back up programs here at work don't bother to back those things up and I didn't know it. I guess I know now not to trust this back up and put everything personal I want to keep someplace else.

Also, I'm going to have to start bringing my own bottled water to work because everyone I know is pregnant. Seriously. Today at lunch two more of my friends admitted they are and I know one more who is trying to get that way. It's crazy! John and I have talked about it (He even had a dream about it) but our house is to small at this point and I'm scared witless of being prego. Being around other women doesn't help that either. They talk about all the crazy things that happen to your body and then once the baby comes out all the crazy things that baby does. Today I got to hear about extreme diarrhea, stool samples and stool softeners. That's just to much poop talk, people! I hear when you have a baby your modesty goes out the window. Not sure I'm looking forward to that either.

In other news, tonight is work on the house night. At least at our house it is. We went to Home Depot last night and got loads of stuff to work on. Little things you need to do but never think of. Re-caulk that bathroom tub, change out the furnace filter, go through your closets for good will items. I'm looking forward to some good old fashion cleaning going on!

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