Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

So it's today. Halloween. I wore my red dress that resembles lizard skin because I couldn't think of anything else kinda Halloween like. I wish now that I had a set of horn and a devil tail because it would look really cute.

We finally lit our pumpkins last night since we are going to be out and about tonight. They turned out really good. John's of course is the really good face and mine is the bat with the funny smile.

Tonight we're going to a scary movie and gonna eat popcorn and candy. I think it should be fun. We're thinking we'll see "30 Days of Night". It's a vampire thing and I always love me some good vampires.

So to switch gears BIG time, While I was on my way to work this morning I saw something interesting. I always pass this apartment complex and see the kids standing out waiting for the bus. Every morning I see these kids. So today one of the smallest ones, a boy, looked like he was a runner at the starting line when I turned the corner. So I drove by but he started to "race" me/my car. He of course wasn't going to beat me but didn't care. He threw his head back in laughter as I looked at him in the rear view mirror. He was free. Even for just that second. Immediately God said to me "That's what it means to be childlike. It's not always because foolish but sometimes it means doing something because you love it not because you're scared you won't win or will look funny." Seriously. Kids don't know they can't do everything at that age. They just try and when they don't succeed they laugh because they had fun doing anyway. I think in my own life I need to be more like that. Childlike but not just goofy. Free.
More later...

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