Tuesday, October 09, 2007

PICTURE DAY!!!! Group One

So today I've got my camera with me and TONS of pictures from the last few days. First we will start with the Ren Fest:

I love this thing every single year and never get a pic. I of course haven't ever put my face into the thing but maybe next year. It's so so pretty.

So I've NEVER understood who they get these guys to dress up in little bright colored vests and dance around like gypsies. Takes all kinds I guess.

Not really much that needs to be said about a group like this. Is there?

Then there's this guy. He kept walking around yelling something about being the King of Vulgaria. I thought perhaps my ear didn't hear him correctly but alas the program guide listed him under the same name. Wow. He had a queen to but really one ghastly multicolored outfit at a time please.

Now the good lookin men! Or man in this case. Took this of John and I think it's the only picture I've ever heard him say he liked of himself. I think it's pretty cute too. Hello desktop background!!!

Now this creature belongs to a friend of John's but she is just hideous. Yikes!

Total Mom moment here. We were getting out of the car at Home Depot and there was this super pretty tree all bloomed out. I HAD to take a snap of it. Made me happy.

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