Monday, October 15, 2007

So I Went A Little Crazy...

Friday night John and I went out and had full intent to see a movie and have some dinner. We did the dinner but ended up skipping the movie and bought lamps for our new bedroom instead. Speaking of new bedroom. I have pics for you but the camera is at home. Dang. Maybe tomorrow. We also went to Borders Books and I admit I went a little crazy. I bought three big, fat, shiny new books for myself. I've been pining over two of them and the third one I just decided I wanted that night.

I got:
-Nate Berkus: House Rules. This is a great book to get you thinking about home design. He asks you important questions that get you thinking about how you want your rooms to function as well as how they will be formed. Lots of glossy fun pics of projects he's worked on previously.

I also got:
-Amy Butler: Midwest Modern. It's a stunning book. Beautiful photos that make you wanna move to the Midwest. Wait. I LIVE in the Midwest. Let's just say this makes the Midwest seem glamorous in a earthy way. Perfect for me. I'm one part earthy, one part glamour and two parts vintage. I can't help but love this book because it combines all my loves together. She and her work truly are a large influence in my life at this time. This book only fuels that ever growing fire.

Last but certainly not least, I got:

-Simple Sewing with a French Twist. It's so so so cool. Some really beautiful photos here as well. Cool, funky projects and great inspiration. It's got some great things I plan on trying to mimic in my own home and closet in the future.

I always find it interesting the pictures that people pick for the front cover of their book. Each of these covers don't do the inside of the book justice and I find that strange. I guess everyone likes different things.

Saturday John worked. I stayed home and did various little projects. I have all these high hopes of tackling some major house work but these dwindled pretty quickly as soon as I slid out of the blankets and realized it was really pretty chilly inside the house. I spent the rest of the the day trying to get the temp inside the house right. I drank hot tea and wore lots of layers. I did funny things that did have anything to do with what I should have been doing. Like I cut out a pair of trousers from a pattern I've been meaning to make, I made choc chip cookies from scratch and so on. I did get the dishes done and moved some things about in the house however.

Sunday we slept in. Went to meet with Gran at a great restaurant for some brunch and talked about an hour about her travels and stuff that's been going on here. Went home and John napped and I read on my books. Then left in the afternoon to help Gran ready the house for the Texas ladies and to do laundry. Which brings me to today.

Monday. My glasses broke first thing out the door this morning but thankfully were easily repaired. Also, thankfully my execs are out of the office today and I've been able to get some things done. Counting the minutes till I can get out of here and change into something warm and see my Gaga.

More tomorrow...

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