Monday, October 22, 2007

135 Today!!!!

No. It's not my 135 birthday, Silly! It's my 135th post on this blog.
So the entire last four days were a blur. We shopped till we dropped, ate till our pants wouldn't button and laughed like school children pretty much non stop for the last week. I made a ton of purchases for fall/winter. Pretty much all needed things. I was in desperate need of some cold weather tops and some warm weather shoes. Here is just a sneak peak:

Best purchase of the weekend for me. So comfy, warm and cozy AND a great deal. I might go get them in black too.

Wore the heck out of this hat this weekend. I have a feeling it's going to be a staple around our house for the next few months. It's super warm and cozy.

This I was gifted but love it so much. I think I've decided I may be moving back to my hippie roots. Just look at this stuff!

Anyway, the four days as I said were a blur but I tried to take some photos for interesting things. We did Parkville one day, Westing one day, Legends in KS one day. So good to see Gaga & Sharon. The weather was nice for us a few days but has now turned off cold again. I can't WAIT to get home and get those fluffy brown boots on. I did buy a pair of black leather boots for work over the weekend and they are KILLING my feet. I'm takin them back tonight. I refuse to pay a lot of shoes and then they are uncomfortable. Won't do it!

So getting back on track this week, hopefully. Got loads of things to do at home and work was a little crazy today after me being gone for two days.

More later. Almost time to go HOME!!!!!

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