Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yesterday I left work a bit early to go see Dr. Bob the chiro. He cracked my back but then had a this other gal do deep tissue massage on my shoulder. It's wasn't pretty people. I just about came unglued. This morning/today my arm is so sore I can barely move it. I hope this is over soon because I keep going to people to help me and the pain gets worse.

Got my new boots in the mail yesterday.

Cute aren't they?! They are really comfy and look nice with just about everything I would wear to work. One more thing to mark off my ever shortening fall/winter clothing list. Just a few more things to mark off and I'll be all set. Feels great. Every year I end up freezing myself for about a month till I finally go get the stuff I need. Not this year! I'm actually prepared for once.
Tonight I plan to do a few things at home but mostly rest my shoulder. I might make cupcakes.
I've been looking at recipes for Thanksgiving pies. John has been wanting a pumpkin pie for ages and I've still yet to make one. I found a recipe for a turtle pumpkin pie last night that sounds just wonderful. Crust, pecans, pumpkin pie filling mixed with vanilla pudding, whipped cream, more pecans and a caramel drizzle over the top. Sounds serious huh?!
Not much else going today. Kinda weird.

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